2nd cycle (cutting)

  1. 2nd cycle (cutting)

    Here's the link to my first Cycle : http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/s...&thread****5598

    Yeah... at the end of this first cycle, I was at 206. But I somewhat got unlucky in the past month, I caught 2 deseases, 1 that wouldnt allow me to train, and the other made me drop weight like crazy. I even hit 194 back at some point. I haven't started my 2nd cycle 4 weeks after the first one because of this and because I twisted my back . But now I'm ready to go and starting tomorow.

    Current Stats :
    Chest : 42"
    Arms : 15"
    Waist : 33"
    Thighs : 25"
    BF : Unknown (around 14-15% again)

    Goal : Cutting down to 11% BF with this 4 weeks cycle. I'll be using a 6g 1-test, 4g 4-ad homebrew and Nolva post cycle.

  2. Down 1 lb after a week... slowly but surely. Im eating as clean as possible but always making sure Im not crashing. I tend to rely more on cardio than on diet. I'll keep ya updated.

  3. Up to 202 lbs... 5 lbs increase from last week... not too bad considering I do HIIT cardio 3 times a week and that I dont eat as much as on a bulking cycle. I have no instruments to measure my BF but the mirror says Im a bit leaner.

    I also decided to use 2ml/day of the stuff on week 4 and continue with 2ml/day for a 5th week. I'll also start using Nolva on week 4 at a very low dose. All this to make sure I will recover normally without losing.

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