How to bridge/transition from Formastane to Superdrol cycle?

  1. Question How to bridge/transition from Formastane to Superdrol cycle?

    I just started a Formastane only cycle to see if it really increases test naturally. I really wanted to start superdrol instead but my work schedule is too crazy right now and superdrol side effects would only get in the way leading to a waste of time, product, and probably no gains.

    However I will be able to start SD in five weeks. What are my choices to move from Formastane to SD (remember that I'm using Formastane just to see if it works, not as post cycle therapy to a previous cycle):
    1. Stop using Form the day before I start SD.
    2. Continue using Form with SD.
    3. Stop using Form now and start SD in five weeks.
    4. Wait x number of weeks between the end of Form and start of SD.

    I've done research but most of the Formastane posts I've found are related to use in post cycle therapy or something else, but nothing like my scenario. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    P.S. Here are a couple of links to my recent posts
    Form question
    Workout log
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  2. You could use both at the same time. Only problem is you might get some dry joints. I'd pick your #1 choice. No need to wait any longer than 1 day for the form to stop doing its thing.

  3. i'd even overlap by the first few days, probably no more than a week or so tho

  4. Thanks for the info RedwolfWV and EasyEJL.

    Do you forsee any issues going from Form to SD other than dry joints? Do you think it would be a bad idea to resume Form as part of my PCT? Or using Form before, during, and after SD?

  5. Form is a great AI, and AI's are usually included in PCT along with a SERM. I'd save it for after your cycle and use it for PCT. Some say it can be mildly supressive, but I've never had a problem using it that way.

  6. I woudln't use form during. Since it blocks aromatisation of test into estrogen you'll get less value out of it as you produce less test as you get suppressed by superdrol. If you want to stick to transdermals because you like rubbing yourself, you might want to pick up dermacrine from primordial performance. I haven't tried it (tho I do have a bottle here) but from what people have said it combats superdrol lethargy pretty well.

  7. I'll just stop the day before I start SD and save it for later. Although I may get some of that Dermacrine Sustain as part of my PCT.

    I wonder if there would be an issue with Dermacrine Sustain's dermal and Penetrate with Form being used at the same time.

  8. you might need to use more body area to get good coverage. Don't forget the tops of your feet work well too

  9. Oh yeah, I'm using them already.

    Got me some P-5-P to help with protein. I'll probably increase the dose during/after SD to help prevent prolactin-induced gyno... scary...

  10. yeah, p5p is pretty cheap online, so 300mg a day is still not expensive at all. I found it for $3.50/bottle of 100 50mg


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