Thinking of doing a Formastane transdermal cycle

  1. Talking Thinking of doing a Formastane transdermal cycle

    I ordered some Penetrate and 5g of Formastane powder from NP a few weeks ago. I mixed the powder into the solution and have been checking it every few days. The powder has turned into a white liquid substance that settles on the bottom of the bottle but does not separate into gritty powder granules. When shaken the substance and solution mix well... I think it is ready to be used.

    I'm working on getting some lean muscle and have a log in the Workout Logs section. I'm thinking about doing a Formastane only cycle, not sure how long, maybe until I run out. I also have some CEL H-Drol, but not sure if I'm ready for that. My goal is to get lean muscle. I have my workout routine under control and need to focus on my diet - I have several meal plans and I just need to follow them consistently.

    I'm 36, weigh 174 lbs, and use a 5 day split with some cardio sprinkled in. If I do this, I'll just continue updating my current log and will probably follow the Scivation Lean Mass Diet and Tri-Phase workout plans.

    Chime in and thanks for your input.

  2. 13 views and no comments, I guess my cycle is not as cutting edge or interesting as some of the others on this board.

    Anyway, I've decided to do a Superdrol (original) only cycle starting in two weeks. I will dose at 10mg ED. post cycle therapy will include Post Cycle Support and NP Trione. I don't have access to a SERM like Nolva and will not risk obtaining one without a legit script.

    I have done 1-T/4-AD dermal, M1T, M1,4ADD, MOHN/M5AA, E-MAX LMG, Superdrol, 1-T/4-AD/3-Alpha dermal, etc. cycles in the past when these products were available and legal to obtain. Superdrol was never banned, just taken off the market. At first I used 6-OXO for post cycle therapy and later learned about SERMs in this forum and used them. I recovered and never developed any gyno from 6-OXO only PCTs so I'm not as worried about not having access to a SERM like Nolva.

    So there it is:
    Weeks 1-2 (maybe 3): superdrol 10mg ED (may go up to 20mg)
    PCT: Post Cycle Support and NP Trione.

    I'll save the Formastane for later or may use it during PCT. I'll need to re-read PCT related articles.

  3. Formestane is sexy! Don't let anyone tell you any different

  4. I think I'll give the Form cycle a go. Besides, I don't think I'll be able to start the SD cycle in a couple of weeks and finish it successfully. Too many other things in the way at this time.
    Thanks Neo.

  5. Silversurfer-- Glad to hear from another marvel superhero. This is the Thundergod (Thor) here. I second the form recommendation from Neo. Great stuff. If and when you do the superdrol cycle try this to be effective. Week 1---20 mgs. a day. Weeks 2-4--- 30 mgs per day. 10 mgs. of anything is not very much.

  6. Good deal, thanks Thundergod!
    I'll probably start the Formastane cycle today - I like starting things the first day of the week (Sunday).


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