Need advice from the knowledgable!

  1. Need advice from the knowledgable!

    Whats up guys, So i'm looking to do a cycle. I've been working out for several years. I'm 19, 5'9" and 155lbs and I am looking to gain (and keep) about 15 pounds.

    I was thinking like an 8 week cycle...
    maybe test & deca OR test & dbol

    please shoot me some advice on which roids to do, how long, injection amount and all that jazz. Also post cycle therapy advice would be appreciated as well as some nutrition intake reccomendations.

    thanks everybody

  2. Roids will screw you up at 19. For your own good, stay away from them for a few more years.

  3. seriously man, unless you want to be forced to take shots from your doctor for the rest of your life because you ruined the very system in your body that keeps you from growing boobs and a man-gina, wait till your at least 22 or so, there are many many reasons why you could permanently damage your health, plus you dont want to ruin your potential to make long term gains by starting juice too early, you should be able to easily hit 180+ and 10% body fat naturally, there are lots of good natural supps out there you can try that work, try a ZMA/tribulis/fenugreek/BCAA stack with two muscle milk shakes per day and a cassein shake before bed and i'm sure you will be surprised at the gains you make, PM me if you have any questions

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