New log for the 08 year

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  1. New log for the 08 year

    I am going to kick start this new log for the 08 year.

    New products I will be using is Pslin again. ( Started to use ) but gym has been closed for holidays so I will wait for the 08 year.

    So GHRP6 8 weeks
    Powerfull 8 weeks
    Creatine of some sort 8 weeks
    Beta alanine 8 weeks with loading fase.
    Pre work out shake light and post work out shake 8 weeks. Will figure that out.
    LiquiFem will pyramid that. Start at a low dosage work my way up than go low again so I don't shut down.
    sus 500 with some low dose havoc/superdrol 8 weeks low dosage
    PCT tamox starting at 6th week
    Also melanotan 2 if the guy will ever email me back.
    Pslin since I have ghrp6 I will be eating a lot.
    Citrulline malate with arginine malate pre work out with the BA and Creatine.

    My staple as usuall will contain
    Work out maxmizer as usual as my protein/carb source.
    multiple with fish oil
    joint complex
    protein bars with leucine
    protein shake with leucine
    antioxidants with a orac value of 5300+ morning and night

    Please give me suggestions to modify it if needed or if I should add something.

  2. So my GRHP6 shipped. Waiting on my other two powerfulls to get in. I think 3 bottles in 8 weeks should be enough? Feed back would be greatly appricated.

  3. sounds good man lookin good. looking forward to keep reading about your results. its always nice to see someone else succeed.

  4. Protein I will get 200-300 grams a day.
    30 will be from bcaa's.
    10-20 from leucine.
    than 150 will be from regular complete protein such as whey soy etc.
    5-10 grams of BA
    2-5 grams of creatine depending on type but at least 2 grams
    Sus 500 just one tab. I am going very low and maybe won't do any thing but I am also going to use havoc and super drol so all at the lowest dose. 1 tab each. Just enough to kick start my body and I will probably stay low all 8 weeks.
    Pslin / anabolic pump Will do carbs and pre work out shake probably 25-50 of if needed higher 100 grams of carbs since I am also taking nitrovol 2 servings. Arginine and citruline malate
    0.02 mg of Letrozole 1st week
    0.1 mg of Letrozole 2nd week
    0.5 mg of Letrozole 3rd week
    1 mg of Letrozole 4th week
    2.5 mg of Letrozole 5th week
    1 mg of Letrozole 6th week
    0.5 mg of Letrozole 7th week
    0.1 mg of Letrozole 8th week

    Powerfull not sure how to does but may do this protocol
    workout days
    3 pre workout
    3 before bed

    off days which would be weekends
    3 before bed

    GHRP6 I may will go with 1st week start at 150mcgs in the morning and 150mcgs than second week go with 200mcgs morning and 200mcgs right after a work out so I eat big I mean really big. 800 caloire shake 2 servings hummm after a work out. hehe My afterwork out shake is 420caloires ant 28 grams protein so I would just consume 56grams of protein. Seems the max people do is 600 and to me I really won't need that much plus it will go by to quick which I want to make it last for a long time. Most people say 2 weeks max at 600mcgs. That is why I want to low dose it and go 8 weeks. I am not in a rush with ghrp6. No plains to see gains over night.

    Fish oil I will take 1 serving in the morning 1 serving at night or maybe 1 hour before bed as 30 min before bed I am doing powerfull. Also the fish oil will help with joints as the letro will dry me out .

    antioxidants you can never get to much of so I will consume 3 servings threw out the day.

    I will defeently use 3 servings of joint complex 3 times a day as well to keep my joints from drying out.

    Also melanotan 2 but getswole dissipared. He pm'd me and when I was ready he never pm'd me back if some one can find out for me where hes at that would be great.

    Extra calcium maybe just to be on the safe side.

    max-ot protocol for my work out and I believe it or not will do cardio max ot twice a week. Mon and Wed. I think that should help with my indurence.
    I won't know how many caloires I will be consuming but with GHRP6 I assuming more than 5000 as that is the main reason people take it for since GH is very mild with it seems like compared to hgh directly.

    Oh I will be taking deer velvet extract supposedly helps rasie igf1. Have some spray left from world size so I will just run it low dosage.

    I think this will be a awesome log.

    My time released nutrients ffrom my vitamins/minerals can I run that at night with powerfull? will it interfer. I wanted to do one dose in the morning and one at night as it is released over 12 hours so I figure take once in morning once at night and 24 hours of constant nutrients but if it will negate the powerfull effect I will just do it in the morning.

    New log for the new year. I will take pictures too.

  5. Can some one help me figure out the droplets for letrozole?
    0.02 mg of Letrozole 1st week
    0.1 mg of Letrozole 2nd week
    0.5 mg of Letrozole 3rd week
    1 mg of Letrozole 4th week
    2.5 mg of Letrozole 5th week
    1 mg of Letrozole 6th week
    0.5 mg of Letrozole 7th week
    0.1 mg of Letrozole 8th week

  6. So my ghrp6 should come in any day now. Soon as it gets in I will start my log.

  7. 1) Why are you pre-loading the BA? I was under the impression it was unnecessary to load BA.

    2) Complete proteins such as soy? I'm pretty sure soy is a difficult protein for your body to breakdown and absorb.

    3) Up to half your protein from soy and whey? You realize the most complete proteins you can get to build mass come from whole foods right?

    4) Vitamins/Minerals will in no way adversely affect PowerFULL. I'm not exactly sure how vitamins/minerals would adversely affect most supplements, unless they were competing for the same receptors which I highly doubt.

    5) Thats a **** ton of supplements at the same time. How will you know which one is working for you?

  8. soy is easy to break down and actually it is considered to have a shorter chain of aminos vs meat.

    The vast majority of my protein comes from soy protein, workout maximizer and other shakes. I format my diet for the best results and I want to consume the best nutrients possible to accelerate muscle growth, especially high quality protein. "From research, it is clear that the quality of protein consumed determines the magnitude of success in any athletic training. The higher the percentage of quality protein within your daily protein intake, the more notable you will be."

    The quality of protein found in soy protein, workout maxmizer and my other shakes along with their nutrient quantity simply can't be matched by food. Using these as my primary protein sources allows me to keep a steady stream of the highest quality protein coming into my body all day long. Not to mention their nutrient density enables me to keep my protein intake high.

    This is not to say that you don't need whole foods. Whole foods are important, especially those containing fiber. I consume plenty of fiber through vegetables and oatmeal. I also eat high glycemic carb sources in the all important post workout time period.

    I don't really view Soy Protein, work out maximizer and my other shakes as supplements, I see them as premium protein sources that are scientifically proven to build muscle and slow the aging processes down. Plus they taste great and the serving sizes and nutrient profiles are extremely easy to monitor.

    Protein obviously is just protein. Joint stuff is for the letro as my joints will get dry. Fish oil and antioxidants are basic stuff I use daily any way. The only new things I will be testing is Pslin / anabolic pump Arginine and citruline malate, Letrozole BA, and ghrp6. All the other stuff Iv used before any how

  9. "Let me explainÖ Your protein needs in the morning are different then the middle of the day and are different again AFTER a workout and again different before bed.

    All this means is that no one protein is the best for any given time. But before I get lost... let me show you the biological value scale in a simple form.

    Type of Protein :: Biological Value Rating

    Whey: 106-159 Egg: 100 Cowís Milk: 91 Fish: 83 Casein: 80 Beef: 80 Chicken: 79 Soy: 74 Wheat Gluten: 54 Kidney Beans: 49

    For all these reasons, you can and should see that soy protein is listed lower. That just means itís not the most anabolic of proteins for optimal muscle growth.

    But donít get me wrong...

    This doesn't mean you shouldn't eat soy protein if you enjoy it. It simply means that barring any religious beliefs or personal preferences, soy would not be the ideal protein source for enhanced muscle gains. This doesn't mean you cannot have it or that itís bad for you." - Marc David

    Here is a portion of one of the articles I was refering to. The rest can be found at****186219

    So I was incorrect in stating that your body won't break it down and utilize it. And it is considered a "complete" protein based off of the current scale, however, that scale is debated.

    The point I was trying to get across is that there are better proteins for mass building than soy.

  10. The soy protein isolation I am consuming has a very high bv content close to 100. The P.E.R on it also is 3.0 so I am not to concerned about the protein quality. Plus
    Glutamine (per 100g)
    Soy 10.5g
    Milk Protein 8.8g
    Whey 4.9g
    Arginine (per 100g)
    Soy 7.6g
    Beef 6.3g
    Egg 5.8g
    Cassein 3.7g
    Whey 2.9g

    two things I have been looking for.

  11. Superdrol and Sus500 is going to shut you down even at low doses. Adding Letro to this is ridiculous. This is really not a wise protocol.
    Recent log:

  12. I did it once with blood work done and I made it. This time too I will do blood work so I am excited. The sus 500 I think i have only enough for 6 weeks and same with superdrol. only enough for 6 weeks even at low dosage.

  13. djbombsquad,

    First off, I'm subscribed.

    It seems like you've created a solid nutritional support program. In essence, it seems to be you've adopted an organic, whole food-based, food density program. I agree with the idea of the bulk of your diet being actual food. However, with the "modern" way food is grown, harvested, and then processed, it's never been a bad idea to create a personalized NSP to insert or replenish what your lacking with a diet--it can even be said that it's a necessity to supplement. Of course, we're talking about supplementing things like vitamins, minerals, and even herbs (things of that nature, not NO-Xplode or Sustanol, etc.) It's impossible to be able to meet all of our nutritional requirements in a normal day with food alone hence, why we supplement. People don't have the time to be home all day preparing, cooking and assembling all the foods necessary to consume a "perfect diet".

    I've made posts in the past regarding soy but people believe what is comfortable (or convenient) for them to believe. I'll go through it again though. As far as soy goes, there's a lot of misconception and fallacies surrounding soy--but you already knew this. Studies are misinterpreted and blown out of proportion in almost all cases. In the rest of the cases, the results only left reason to continue further studies, but no solid conclusions or affirmations were drawn. Much of the negative information was on soy beans themselves and not textured soy protein or other processed soy products, so it is completely irrelevant. As for the [few] negative reports concerning soy phytoestrogens: those are based primarily on cell culture and animal experiments. Any good scientist will tell you that those experiments have only a 10% chance of proving true in humans. We don't discount those experiments, but rather use them as a basis for designing human clinical trials that will definitively test the hypotheses that they have raised. If they are confirmed in clinical trials, then it would be appropriate to change current recommendations - not before. Those reports should be compared with the literally hundreds of clinical studies showing the safety and health benefits of soy as part of a healthy diet. The FDA's recommendation for use of soy protein speaks for itself. If anyone tries to tell you that the FDA is conspiring with industry to promote one product over another, they are probably trying to sell you something and have their best interests in mind.

    Secondly, as long as I can remember, the PER score was the scale that was used to measure protein quality. However, nowadays, this is no longer true. I'm not aware of the use of BV (I've never used it or even considered it) but what I do know is that the PDCAAS score is what is currently being used.

    Here’s a simple explanation of this scoring system:

    Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is a method of evaluating the protein quality based on the amino acid requirements of humans. The PDCAAS rating is a fairly recent evaluation method (it was adopted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations/World Health Organization (FAO/WHO in 1993) as the "The preferred "best" method to determine protein quality for human muscle growth". These organizations have suggested that other methods for evaluating the quality of protein are inferior.
    The protein supply you're using, djbombsquad, has a protein score of 1, the highest quality score available from the World Health Organization & the FDA. Soy protein has many health advantages and healing powers ranging from lowering cholesterol, good heart health, blood sugar health, cancer prevention, pain relief, and proper thyroid function. On top of that, soy and whey have actually been show to be equally effective in building lean muscle mass.

    You are doing well in consuming soy and your other nutritional supplements. Hats off to you regarding the ORAC value of your antioxidants (considering that the majority of the companies don't even know their product's ORAC value and if they do, it's inferior) and your fish oil supplementing habit. We don't even have to get into the benefits (or lack of benefits) w/fish oil because the ones that matter already know what the situation with fish oil is. Keep it up, I'll be dropping in on you to deliver some good words to you and add some fuel to that fire my friend.

  14. I just don't get where people get this misconception that soy is bad. Think about it, if soy was that bad why do Japanese live longer than most people and the staple part of there diet is Soy?

    I love my antioxidants I am taking. You can never get to many antioxidants. I at 1st did not want to discolse all the products I would be using becuase I new someone would say something negative. That is why I leave names out time to time because of that.

    Not only am I trying to go organic but I will be trying to go as much kosher as possible.
    The reason why I did not mention food was because food is food its common knolwedge that we need to eat whole foods. This is a to log products and let people know if it works or not. Plus with this day and age supplementation is necessary. Why? I work in a doctor's office where people think they are eating healthy yet blood work shows else wise. Thanks danny for the posivite feedback. That is what I need. Half the products I am taking like sus 500 does not have published studys so we will see how well it works. My esp etc I know will and continues to shine with backing behind it.

  15. My ghrp6 came in today. I froze it asap.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Thanks danny for the posivite feedback. That is what I need. Half the products I am taking like sus 500 does not have published studys so we will see how well it works. My esp etc I know will and continues to shine with backing behind it.
    Always and anytime my friend. Almost all of the products on this board or on the market, in fact, have no peer-reviewed published clinical trials done on the actual product (published in prestigious medical journals) to guarantee any bioavailability whatsoever. Companies that produce multi-vitamins don't even know if their Folic Acid is even absorbing--they just assume it is.

    In addition the preceding, I'm sure that you (djbombsquad) have gotten many inquiries regarding the products you take seeing how they seem to be the only that have published clinical trials supporting their purpose. Anybody that is interested in attaining further information about a superior supply should understand that everything, including the best supply on the planet (even information on it) comes with a price--not a costly one, but a price nonetheless. I believe that instead of being paid for advertising, as most companies have a expensive habit of doing, an individual should be compensated for their time in actually educating the person w/inquiries on the supply and such. This is contradictory to the typical way of functioning when considering other companies, seeing how they try to "sell" the customer on their product with shiny advertisements, shiny packaging, and fancy "write-ups" citing clinical studies but their own products have never been tested because it is not required by law.

    It comes down to a little bit more than just taste, mixability and other things that are, in essence, irrelevant when it comes down to the real conern: does it work? There needs to be proof that will sustain the validity of such a claim and the fact of the matter is, most companies can't afford to support their claims with clinical trials, let alone have them peer-reviewed and published in medical journals (it also might be that they're concerned with the results being contradictory to their claims).

    Either way, I sincerely doubt this means anything to anyone other than you but either way, I'm sure you understand my disposition. I look forward to your updates.

  17. You are correct dannyboy. That is why I constantly go back to using the products with peer reviewed published studies that are done on the actual supply. I have mentioned it many times on my thread since the day I signed up here. Reason? I work in a doctors office where we talk alot about physicians line of products based on blood work. So to me these mom and pop companys come and go.

  18. Where are my USP lab products?

  19. Two more powerfulls got shipped and should be here any day. Once that comes in I should start my log.

  20. So today I started I could not wait any longer.

    This morning I took my CNP protein 27. With BA. Took another protein shake before work.

    Had a star bucks for some caloires. I was in a rush and just grabed one.

    Had some bcaa's than before work out I ended up going with the plasma jet for my pre work out. Felt nothing out of it. Started my havoc at 10mg and my sus 500 one gel. creatine alkaline BA before my work out. During my work out had some leucine Kic. 7 grams.

    After my work out I had my work out maxmizer bcaa and creatine alkaline/BA

    I will have another shake with 47 grams of protein than before I sleep I will get some powerfull. Once my GHRP6 gets mixed I will take that too.

    No one told me how to use my droplet for my letro so I will get a measuring syringe food thinggy.

    I shugred 110 than smith shurged 125 each arm. 4 sets 10 reps.
    Military dumbell pressed 55 2 sets 6 reps.
    Machine military pressed 200 6 reps 2 sets.
    Side lateraled 25. 6 reps.

    I weighted today 143.

  21. I won't mention my regular supps Im taking like vitamins fish oil antioxidants since Iv always taken those.

  22. So I got this baby medicine measuring thinggy. I think I got .02 with the letrozole that burned my tounge lol.
    So I am not tired what so ever 30 min in to powerfull at 3 caps. No carbs nothing. Just powerfull. Actually Im very very hungry. I feel like I need to eat and eat and eat. That is how hungry I am. I will not eat so that I ge the effects of powerfull. Well bed time for me.

  23. Benched 195. 4 reps 2 sets.
    Incline 160 6 reps 2 sets.
    machine went to 200.
    I threw up my leucine tabs.
    So last night I felt so hungry I did not sleep what so ever. I dont know. I am taking 3 caps of powerfull.
    Tonight I will try again.
    Took it just 15 min ago so in 15 min i will sleep.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    I weighted today 143.
    Pounds or kgs?! At this point, I'm not sure which is more ridiculous...


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