new cycle ... this time goin for the t-1

  1. new cycle ... this time goin for the t-1

    i started this on the 23rd of last month and in 8 days i had gained about 6.5- 7 lbs. im going for major bulk on this one..... just doing the 2 squirts in the am and pm.

    dont rip me too bad but i got a deal on some cell tech so i started using it too.... people at work are asking me what im on.....
    im hoping ill make it to 200 this time. i started at 180lbs...

    wish me luck take it easy bro's

  2. today did bench with dumbells and since i have started the cycle they have gone up from 85's for 8 to 110's for 4........ you might say im excited at hell......

  3. cool, good work man..........

    are u usin the T-1 final or reg. T-1(old school)?

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