Epistane,Havoc, SERM Questions

  1. Epistane,Havoc, SERM Questions for cycle

    Hi there, I've got a bunch of questions. Please answer any that you are capable of.

    1) I have the white top version of Epistane, purchased this summer. From what I understand, this is the good version and not the "tren-containing" one, yes? Even so, I'm considering selling it and buying Havoc instead. Which leads me to the next question:

    2) Has there been a similar controversy over the active in Havoc as there was with Epi? I read a few comments from people mentioning that the capsule size had changed, but has anyone of good reputation questioned the active in Havoc?

    3) It's not necessary to take a a week or two off in the middle of a pulse if you are only dosing 3x/wk, and intend to use an SERM, right?

    4) Does the following sound like a relatively mild cycle:

    wk1: 20/20/20
    wks2,3,4: 30/30/30
    wk5: 40/40/40

    That's at 3x/wk dosing.

    On cycle supps: Liv52 (along with all my usual stuff: Cod liver oil, minerals and vitamins))

    post cycle therapy: Torem and 7-Cort (topical 7-oxo-DHEA).

    I could also use Dermacrine Sustain, Novedex XT, or E-Form, but don't know if I would need them. Would it be a good idea to start Torem on my last week of Havoc, or perhaps I could use an AI for that week and then switch to Torem in post cycle therapy? I know that Epi/Havoc are supposed to be "dry" but that's at 20-30 mg. 40 is where people have reported sides and gyno flareups, so that's why I'm asking. I would also like to avoid shedding.

    5) I read the following about Ralox:
    Raloxifene for PCT - Bodybuilding.com Forums
    Effects on bone physiology
    # Decreased bone formation and resorption
    # No significant change in bone volume
    # Slight increase in mineralization density
    # No evidence of osteomalacia or bone toxicity
    If I understand this correctly, Ralox inhibits estrogen within breast tissue but promotes estrogenic activity within bones. Hence, increased bone density and decreased bone formation with growth plate closure. I am interpreting this as something to AVOID if you still have any potential to grow. Is this correct?

    I am actually trying to boost my GH production for the very purpose of height growth. Therefore, I need to know about any effects that a given SERM may have on GH levels. I know that Nolva decreases IGF, which could lower GH, so that is absolutely out of the question for me. Has Torem ever been shown to lower IGF/GH? This is my biggest concern. Don't want to shoot myself in the foot unknowingly.

    6) Is GH production affected by prohormones? Would it be supressed after the cycle, along with my Test levels?

    This will be my second cycle, my first having been H-drol, which I did in November (did not use SERM for post cycle therapy).

    Thanks in advance

  2. As far as the Epistane question goes, I can tell you that the all white pills without any yellow specs have been the ones my friends and I can say are the real deal. Concurrently, those all had the white tops on the bottles as well.

  3. Well, I've just read that all SERMs reduce IGF to some extent.

    Now I'm considering an epi/havoc pulse without an SERM.

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