XRaceRx UCP-1 log. help appreciated :)

  1. XRaceRx UCP-1 log. help appreciated :)

    I am starting my UCP-1 this coming monday.

    Current stats:
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 190 lbs.
    Bodyfat: 16.2% (really need it down now)

    Calories intake i am thinking about 2,000. that is enought calories for me i think. thats how much i eat now. i am not sure if i shold keep it the same, lower it, or increase it. this is where i would like your comments

    2 weeeks cycle. ill keep u updated. all other ucp-1 cyclers. any comments on my specific type taking in my bodyfat and weight in mind is appreciated. i read all the other ucp-1 threads. sounds awesome!
    most likely gona go w/ 40/40/20 ratio i think. comments

    Todahy is saturday! one day and then monday! cycle begins!

  2. starting tomorrow. also gona throw in light cardio. i hope its not catabolic.

  3. also should i take ucp1 w/ meals ..before meals....after meals? or it doesnt matteR?

  4. shouldn't matter much actually

  5. Day 2. After working out in afternoon/evening (got done about 4pm) i was VERY VERY tired. i drank protien shake and had dannon yogurt and banana. but i was very tired, so i layed on my bed for about 30-45 mins and watched t.v.

    i was kind of sleepy but i couldnt fall asleep. kinda wierd. maybe its because i woke up 1.5 hour earlier than i am supposed to. anyways i had 3 pills 2 times today, i will do another 3 pills at night so i dont get more tired right now. also work out was about 1 hour and 45 minutes. i am trying to cut the hours down at gym but i cant finish my 2 bodyparts per day fast. but i am working on doing it more intense day by day to bring it down to about 1 hour and maybe 15 mins.

    also my stomach is little bloated because i drank so much water. and i am going to the bathroom a lot more.

    Also i measured my weight 194.5 on monday when i started.
    now its 194.1 ..lost 0.5 lbs.

    end of report for today. will report back on day 4 unless i really gotta report something on day 3.

  6. Day 4! one and half more week to go almost!
    Not feeling that tired anymore. i guess that day i just had bad sleep so i was tired the whole day. I was however tired yesterday, day 3. I think because i worked out so hard on my back, and was halfway at legs. then i had to stop because i couldnt do it anymore at all. i was worn out.

    but day 4. did shoulders and triceps today. good workout!

  7. Hey, I just wanted to say I'm very interested in seeing your results, but I don't wanna spam this thread ya know. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what happens.

  8. no problem going_big. you are not spamming my thread in anyway. it just motivates me even more

    Day 5 today. Ran on treadmill for 20 minutes. I was very soaked. and after running, i didnt feel like eating anything. its just one of those feelings i cant describe. but i had my meal after 1.5-2 hrs. Today im going to workout in the evening at about 7pm. Also thinking about getting some Dexterose and taking it w/ whey protien shake 30 mins before workout and 1 r-ala(100mg), then another r-ala (100mg)right before workout. and then half the amount of dex and whey protien shake after workout and another 100mg of r-ala. i hope to achieve good pumps taking 200mg r-ala before workout. Is it safe enough to do that?
    anyways, no difference yet. I will probably have to wait for next week for more side effects if there are any. so far i heard of lethargy only. day 6 tomorrow. will report bak in few days.

  9. DAY 5 few more things to add...

    weight down to 193.7 lbs. originally was 194.5
    well its just a little under a pound. and im not expecting to see major loss until end of cycle. but just a point that it is going down now too.

    I also feel my kidneys squelch now. like i can feel it. i hope its not very hard on kidneys. i am also taking r-ala with it. i feel the kidneys squelch at night sometimes and also sometimes in morning. not too much though...just little.
    alright on to day 6 tomorrow.

  10. You feel your kidneys? That can't be good. I dont believe Ive ever felt my kidneys. I take that back there was one time after a kick boxing match in which I was hook kicked in the kidneys but Iwas also peeing blood. Anyway are you sure you feelyour kidneys?

  11. Your not supposed to feel your internal organs .....I dont know if your just having lower back pain or whatever, but to be safe... discontinue use...

  12. smart very smart

  13. well i dont know if it is kidneys or not. i just guessed it was. but sometimes i feel a little pinch on my sides. but i dont feel that anymore. and its the 8th day. you think i should still continue or discontinue it?

    also something about the pills...how come some are full of powder, and some are half empty, and some are almost totally empty? i always started to pinch the pill now to see how much is in there, but some of them are hard full, and some of them i can pinch it all the way. but there are no cracks on the pill, they are just empty. any thoughts on that too?

  14. Id stop to be safe, but you are the best judge of your own body. hmmm about the pills...thats messed up. We did find that from time to time a pill or two would be broke but never empty or anything like that. Have you opened any that you think feel like they are empty?

  15. off the subject but can ucp-1 stack well with clenbuterol


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