first time cycle

  1. first time cycle

    hey im 20 and gonna do my first cycle could u please tell me if this is a good cycle deca and dianabol for 8 weeks
    could u plz tell me what should be my PCT???
    and what would be its side effects???
    would i make good gains???

  2. If you had done any research at all into these products or using them you would not have to ask any of those questions. You are clearly not ready to use them. Wait until you've exhausted your genetic potential, or at least come close to it, and do some research. Get as much information as you can so you have the ability to make an informed decision. You're destined to fail and have major problems with the approach you are currently taking.

  3. thats the WORST cycle i have ever seen

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Medic View Post
    thats the WORST cycle i have ever seen
    then plz suggest a cycle????

  5. Read the rules.



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