Hey I'm 6' about 200lbs almost 26 and have been lifting for about 4 years now. When I started I weighed 165lbs. My body fat is roughly 10%(guesstimate). I feel like I've reached a plateau and started looking to other sources to overcome this. When I first started looking I was blown away at all that was required to do steroids. After a couple weeks of research I feel like I sort of have a grasp on things. I decided on Oxevol as my first cycle and yes I am well aware that it is a fairly harsh choice in terms of side effects and would like to limit them as much as possible. Heres the cycle I came up with:

I already purchased some of this stuff.

4wk Cycle:
Oxevol wk1: 24mg, wk2: 36mg, wk3: 36mg, wk4: 24mg
Milk thistle
Chrysin(i know its not supposed to work but i bought it before i knew...figure it cant hurt)

4 wk post cycle therapy:
Fish Oil
Hard and Natural(natural test booster)
Nolvadex 40mg weeks 1 and 2, 20mg 3 and 4
Cycle Support
Retain V2(x1.5 dosage)


I was hopeing to just do 1 cycle and thats it. Will I be able to make and keep significant gains?