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    I am a new personal trainer and i have a client that has used steroids in the past. he is now thinking of taking Deca, Test 300, cypanate, trenolon, and sustanon. I know they are all differnt types of test but is this too much or how should he go about using it all safely, but effetively. i want him to grow as fast as possible but i would like him around to keep up the tab with me as well. any sugg?


  2. WTF? Is this a joke?

  3. Not a joke

    I really dont know what to tell him. he has taken a similar cycle before he says. he took tren, with winny, test 400 and deca and he says he saw great improvements, so he decided to grow he would cut the winny and add Sus and drop to test 300 and add cypanate. it sounds like it will work great but i am not sure he took yesterday 1/2 cc deca, 1/2 cc Test 300, 3/4 cc of tre, 3/4 cc of Sus and 1/2 cc of cyp. total 3 cc's is that ok or will he hurt himself

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