Phera + XF cycle thoughts?

  1. Phera + XF cycle thoughts?

    I was initially thinking of running a 3-4 wk Superdrol cycle alongside some X-Factor but...since I'll be off fish oils and cissus (due to the XF) and may encounter some dry joints, etc, I was thinking maybe I should sub the SD for Pheraplex. Maybe even throw in some MegaZol the last 2wks to harden up a bit. Whadda ya think of this...

    wk1 - 20mg Phera/1g XF
    wk2 - 30mg Phera/1g XF
    wk3 - 30mg Phera/1g XF (maybe [email protected]/day)
    wk4 - 30-40mg Phera/1g XF (maybe [email protected]/day)

    wk5 - 1g XF + begin PCT
    wk6 - 1g XF/PCT
    wk7 - 1g XF/PCT
    wk8 - end PCT

  2. Looks good.

    I'm currently on X-factor starting 1wk pre Post Cycle from lite Havoc 6 wk run. Best "supplement" I've ever tried, good for solidyfing gains, maintaining/gaining strenght

    I'll be running a similar cycle in 2 months or so: Winztrol, P-Plex, Havoc, X-factor, 6wks. I'll prob start the X-factor same as this time, 1wk before Post Cycle.

    I would run the Megazol as you suggest but I would be concerned about blood pressure w/ Phera. As long as you check that, , I'd run it. You might want to start X-factor later so you'll solidfy gains during Post Cycle.

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