Need Advice!!!

  1. Need Advice!!!

    I am 32yrs old and have been lifting off and on for 10 yrs or so... i am 5'8" and 200lbs... maybe 13%bf. when not training i am around 150lbs... i am very disciplined in my training routine...

    i have never used AAS or prohormones... my goals are to gain about 10-15 more lbs and get 5-6%bf...

    i have done a fair amount of research and to be honest i am more confused than before i started... i understand how steroids work and their side effects.... what i dont understand is vast amount of prohormones available and which ones to take or are the best... some i have seen warn against serious side effects - like methyl 1D.

    so please - i am here to learn... can someone help me become more informed?


  2. and by the way i am not a troll.... just looking to get my muscles larger and vien popping ripped!!!!

    just a link or a simple point in the right direction would help... it seems every thread i read on forums end up in arguaments and misinformation, and its hard to get straight facts off of company websites as they dont really back up research with reliable sources... i just want simple facts based on peoples pior experience - thanks!

  3. I am interested in that also! methyl 1-D? good? or not

  4. took me 2 years of searching on here before i fealt comfortable doing a cycle. sorry bro, but no easy link to tell you everything, just have to read as much as possible and arrive to your own conclusions, check out the cycle info board on here and you can see how other people have done on their cycles and just copy there's. i'm sure you can get to 180lbs and 7% bf naturually no problem though.

  5. Word of advise, don't waste your money on sh!t..
    Methyl 1-d is dhea...again with the search thing. You've got the power of the enter-net at your disposal, don't waste it!



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