Burst Cycle - Guinea Pigging my own idea

  1. Burst Cycle - Guinea Pigging my own idea

    Start reading this link if you don't know what I mean by "burst cycling"-http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/78818-burst-cycling-idea.html

    Basically, I am looking for a way to get decent gains with as little shutdown as possible. I am off for winter break from school right now and actually have the time to really bust my ass in the gym and get maximal rest, naps, perfect supplement timing, etc. Basically, I can live like a pro bodybuilder for 3.5 weeks. I am fairly lean right now ~12%bf and its winter, so I see no reason to cut hard core for a couple of weeks. I want to gain some mass, since its that time of year. However, I the interest of my experiment with diet cycling, I am going to cut really hard core for about 4 days to simulate what it would be like to come off of a cut cycle. Anyway this is the layout.

    H: 5'6
    W: 175lbs (naked, morning, empty stomach)
    BF: ~12% (guess based on multiple previous caliper tests)

    Height: 6'(jk, i wish)
    W: 185lbs (water weight included expect to drop 5lbs afterwords)
    BF: ~12%(it would be nice to stay the same bodyfat)

    Diet: Hypo-caloric, but protein loaded.
    Supplements:Currently on HD-X2, policosanol and fish oil caps. Also, Waxy maize, Creatine Mono and xtend.

    Deit: Major hyper-caloric, I will post day to day.
    Supplements: policosanol and fish oil, maybe a hypedrol cap or 2 a day, if bloat gets to bad. Also, Waxy maize, Creatine Mono and xtend.
    Routine: I will post day to day updates on weight and sets.

    The "good stuff"
    12/16-12/21 30mg Dbol ED
    12/22-12/28 40mg Dbol ED
    12/29-12/30 20mg Dbol ED (Start [email protected] caps ED)
    12/31 10mg Dbol (Morning dose) ([email protected] caps)
    1/1-1/7 Torm (120,90,90,60,60,30,30) (Maybe IGF, If I can get some)

    I know people don't "believe" in tapering, but I have reasons for it:
    1) Dbol aromatizes, which raises SHBG, slowly lowering, causes a reduction in circulating estrogen and a lower amount of SHBG once I come off.
    2) One of the greatest attributes of dbol is its glutocorid binded affinity, which lowers the body's level of cortisol. In response, there is upregulation, meaning more cortisol. Lowering the dosage allows the body to correct itself before coming off.

    I will not be doing any blood tests for this experiment this time around due to time constraints as well as I have been on HD-X2 for a while, which would certainly skew things. I will run a similar experiment again in march and will do blood tests then. I expect HDL, liver values, etc to take a normal hit, but I am interested in test/free test/LH/FSH to gauge shutdown. For now I am interested to see the gains that can be made with this method and will use my experience to gauge shutdown, which I know is not a truly scientific method, but its a good start.

    Discuss, bash, encourage post whore, whatever. I start tomorrow.

  2. Subbed. Best of luck to you. Looking forward to seeing how this works for you.

  3. sweet! 16 days sounds good, i will be following along and hope it pans out good, i too have been looking into doing short cycles, right now i am on halo which messed up cuz i had a flu and wasted 10 days of no workouts and food..i am gonna finish this take a months break ( short pct etc) and then start with a 25 day cycle starting with TD test base and finishing with TD bold base.....but anyways all the best

  4. good luck man. you should def accomplish your goal

  5. i thought u were starting on the sixteenth so ur only gonna do 4 days of cutting then 4 days of bulking ethier way im excited to c how this works out for u



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