"pulsing" Testanate50 cycle

  1. "pulsing" Testanate50 cycle

    Ok, I just did some research on "pulsing" cycles. This will be a 4 week cycle. First off, I'm 31 y/o, 5'7" 183 lbs, 12% bf. My workout regimen is:

    Mon: Back, light Bi's, Abs
    Tues: Chest, light Tri's
    Wed: Legs, Abs
    Thurs: Shoulders
    Fri: Arms
    Sat:Cardio, Abs, Calves
    (light cardio x6 week)
    4 exercises per bodypart, 4 sets each (10,8,6,6)

    It seems that "pulsing" is a more safe practice, especially with something like Testanate50. I plan on taking it 3x per week, (Mon, Wed, Fri) and an AI on "off" days. I'm going to take a liver support supp for a few days before starting the cycle, and after cycle. I would like some advice and comments/critique on some specifics. The dosing for the Testanate50 is 1 tab 2x a day, which seems like waaaay to much. So, even with "pulsing", should I still take 2 per day, or 1? How long after the 4 weeks should I take the AI and the liver supp? All comments, critiques, etc... are welcome. Thanks.

  2. i would say don't pulse do a straight cycle....i think personally pulsing is a horrible idea and from my experience it didn't work out for me. u may be different though but read up on the cons also of it not just the pro's.

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