First PH cycle...suggestions please?

  1. First PH cycle...suggestions please?

    Hey all, I'm new at this PH "cycling". I'm 31 y/o male, 5'7" 184lbs, roughly 12-14% bf. Been working out for at least 10 years. First of all, would it be wise to continue supps such as cellmass and nitrix while doing a cycle? I'm getting ready to start my first cycle in about a month. I'll be taking Black Dragon Lab's Testanate50, along with Designer supplements' Rebound/Reloaded and Pro Liver for post cycle therapy. Since I'm new at this, how would you take these together? Would you overlap the PCT (rebound/reloaded) during the end of the cycle, or start it directly after? Do you start the liver care during or completely after the cycle? Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. You want to run supporting supplements throught your cycle and PCT. Something for your liver, cardiovascualr system, bp, and a good Fish oil and Multi are all imperative when on cycle. During PCT you may want to add in a body cleanse type product or a liver cleanse product, specifically designed for ridding the body of toxins (usually a 10day or 2 week kit).

    As for your PCT, if you are not going to use a SERM, you should get yourself a decent AI, an anti-cortisol product, and some good natural test boosters i.e. avena sativa, nettle, 6-bromo, urtica dioica, etc.

  3. get more support supps esp with that black dragon labs stuff...its a mix of three methyls if im remembering right...not exactly a way to start. You will need alot of supporting supps for something that strong.

    PCT you need more. That AI is probably not going to be enough. You should look into a SERM and if you dont know what that is start researching more.

  4. What brand specific PCT products would you recommend? Is Anabolic Innovation's "post cycle support" reputable? And has anyone had any experience with "Stanozol V" or Anabolic Xtreme's "Superdrol"?

  5. Save the Testanate 50 and start with something milder for a first cycle. Save this for later down the line.



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