Beginner cycle Part II

  1. Beginner cycle Part II

    Ran test Enanthate for 10 weeks alone for a starter cycle. Did not want to look bloated but wanted to put on good size and good strength. It worked great and gained about 20lbs. Looking for the same type of thing this time, run something for about 10 weeks, thinking i would like to put on a little more size again. I read that test prop was a better choice cutting at 100mg every other day. Also possibly run a small dose of tbol for 6 weeks maybe 30mg a day. Any ideas or comments?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Get ready for lumps in your legs with prop It is a fast ester and should keep down bloating if you are prone. I have never experienced bloat or gyno from test or any aas(lucky me). Tbol is oral test, Quad clorinated but still test. Take care of your liver. For longer cycles TE is much easier and uses way less needles if this is of any concern. consecutive cycles will be hard to gain weight like your first. Just feed the freak.

  3. test prop will kfuc you up no joke, you will be limping badly becuae the muscular pain from test prop shots fkcuing hurts! seriously! i used to fight competitively and that ish sucks, big ole bruises too, if you dont want to bloat i would just use enth or cypionate and then use arimidex or letro to control estrogen

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