my cycle log

  1. my cycle log

    it has been a week since i started my cycle of LGP 1-T (4g 1-T, 6G-4AD)

    this is my first cycle........

    i applied 1 squirt twice daily for the first 5 days and then on day 6 i decided to up the dosage to 2 sqirts twice daily and just use the entire thing up in one cycle(i am a pretty big guy at 215)...

    here are my starting stats...

    Weight: 214
    Arms: 17 3/4"
    Chest: 48"
    Thigh: 38"

    I do not know my bodyfat...

    I am doing this cycle more for strength than mass or anything else...
    (but some mass will be nice)

    the most i have ever benched up until my cycle started was 325 i am hoping to get above 350 in the 360 range at the end...

    i just started dooing squats and deadlifts again....

    i would like to put up a pic tomorrow or some time in the future...

    that is it

  2. by the way i am 19 years old with 2-3 years of consecutive lifting experince( broke my arm in the middle so i was out for a couple months) and i have done some lifting 2 years before that..

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