First D-Bol Cycle

  1. First D-Bol Cycle

    wk 1-6 Dianabol - methandrostenolone - 30mg
    wk 1-6 Nolvadex 10mg-20mg (To combat gynecomastia)

    Post Cycle Therapy:
    wk 7 Clomid 50mg / Nolvadex 20mg
    wk 8 Clomid 50mg / Nolvadex 20mg
    wk 9 Clomid 50mg / Nolvadex 20mg

    I know its fairly basic to start off with but i want to see how this goes for me. Any advice/suggestions would be great.

  2. I am not to big on D-bol only cycles but you should probably up your doses on the later weeks! You also might want some provorin(is that spelled right) to combat some bloat. Just my 2 cents

  3. yarr.

    i'd run it at atleast 50-60mg.
    the proviron is a nice addition.

  4. a good friend of mine just finished his dianabol only cycle.. he took 25mg for the first week, 50mg for week 2-5, AND 75mg the 6th and final week... It was his first cycle of anything hormonal and he only gained 5 pounds in 6 weeks, with a good diet and great training. he also told me that he was shutdown really bad from the cycle... definately not something that he, nor i would recommend...

  5. sounds like something went wrong.

  6. dbol only cycles are retarded. do a simple test cycle and kick start it with the dbol if anything. if your scared of needles your not ready for the sauce imo

  7. but read the stickies 21 and up for the steroid section, and just a word for you don't do sauce till you are at least 21 with a couple years of serious training it will help you out in the long run trust me

  8. you wont be a shorty.


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