Poll: Which diet would you run ucp-1 with?

Which diet should I run my ucp-1 with?

  1. Which diet should I run my ucp-1 with?

    Which diet with usnic, that is all.

  2. lol, it would help if your ratios added up to 100% heheheheh...

  3. hahaha, lmfao, we all know what I meant

  4. someone edit it to 40/30/30 and 50/30/20 please

  5. LOL first choice homez. Gotta keep those carbs high for it to be effective.

  6. im with NPursuit...many topics already on this subject too bro..do a search, it'll help more

  7. I did a search, alotta people used a ckd while on it. So basically eat clean foods, keep fat low and see what happens then

  8. Go for a 40-40-20 or 40-30-30... (protein, carbs, fat)

  9. k, thanks alot guys, at least now I won't have to feel like utter **** on a low carb plan

  10. I agree with WYD, 40:40:20. That's what I used.

  11. I believe Chemo said 30% carb minimal.

  12. why so many carbs dudes?

  13. Apparently the usnic burns fat so fast that you don't have to worry about extra carbs and I guess also the carbs will help to fight the lethargic feeling. I may keep my carbs and fat low and eat a helluva a lot of chicken to get the full effect. Not sure yet.

  14. If I ended up with my fat intake even lower than 20 would I be better off, cuz I can eat nothing but chicken and fruits and veggies for all I'm concerned as long as a lower fat intake will be beneficial.

  15. Actually, I'm thinking about a 60/20/20 pcf

  16. you might cut back on the fruit & simples to maximize the effects.

  17. Anyone else think simple sugars will stop fat loss?

  18. Bro you might wanna think again about 60/20/20. My diet plan for my ucp-1 cycle was very similar to that. While the product was amazingly effective, I felt like complete ass the whole time. I've only done it once, so maybe my body just doesn't react well to it, but I can't remember a time in the past 5 years that I have felt as all around ****ty as those 2 weeks. I had no energy, couldn't finish my workout especially in the 2cd week, and basically felt like I had the flu or something. I would very highly recommend that take advantage of the knowledge of these very smart bros on this board and eat your carbs.

    Also, I have not really heard this talked about with ucp-1, but you probably want to keep some spare pillows and bedsheets close at night. I usually would wake up at least once or twice a night due to everything being soaked with sweat. Good luck with everything man hope it works out well for you.

  19. Hey, thanks drmt, do you mind if I ask what kinda results you had? I mean, I can handle 2 weeks of pure **** if it gets me good results I'll see how my body handles everything and go from there I guess though. Oh and as for the simple sugars, I don't think milk and apples should cause a prob should they?

  20. K, got some ratios I believe will work just fine. 55/31/14 pcf, thanks guys.

  21. My results were great, I lost about 2% bf. This is with only 1 session of a pathetic attempt at cardio. The results became most visually noticeable about 3-4 days after finishing up the bottle, I was holding some extra water.

  22. appreciate the heads up on the night sweats drmt. i'm starting a bottle tomorrow & i was wondering what it would be like at night. i'll try it, i may dose earlier or dose down at night. i keep my calories on my palm pilot with dietlog so may do like the 55/30/15. & yes probably do like low gly complex carbs & lots of greens & "free" veggies.

  23. of course "simples" (dex/maltodex) post train & possibly first thing.

  24. yay, yer doin the diet i'ma do. Now I can see yer results as I won't be using my ucp until the 18th

  25. that'll work


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