2nd Cycle review

  1. 2nd Cycle review

    Finished my 2nd cycle 7/25/03.

    It's been 4 weeks since the last review. Results are (IMO) better than my 1st cycle thought the numbers don't show it.

    I tweaked my diet during this cycle and cut out almost all carbs. Basically a 2 week Keto if I am correct. I only ate 50g (per day) of carbs for 5 days + 100g dextrose PW (per day) than loaded 500g for 1 full day.

    for the 2 weeks of rest after my 1st cycle diet stayed the same as before

    2700 cals a day w/ 45/35/20 split - same supps as before as well

    On wed 7/23 I was 213 but as of sunday I was 220 (summer time + humidity = huge water weight fluctuation). Also had my BF on Wed as well 10%.

    so results were 4lb drop and roughly 1% BF drop but...... mirror results are much more impressive. definition in all muscles in much more apparent. Abs are actually obvious now, still not shredded but I used to be 23% bf 3 years ago. Very vascaular and feal much more solid.

    No serious side effects - always feel hot, if you don't drink enough water with this stuff you can feel your kidneys and liver strain tighten up and cramp a little. ended up drinking about 2 to 2.5 gallons a day to feel normal with no cramping.

    This is the first product I have ever used that actaully yielded the results claimed. Besides liver pills this is the finest product I have invested in. Thanks for a great product BDC.

  2. my bad this was suppose to be a reply but this is a review for UCP-1 from BDC

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