Would this be safe?

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    Would this be safe?

    I'm planning on stacking Epistane + Anabolic Pump. However, I also wouldn't mind stacking H-Drol as well, as in pulsing. So long as I pulsed between Epi and H-Drol, would it be okay to throw AP in there as well?

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    1. have you ever run Epi or Hdrol?
    I say do one or the other for a few reasons....
    -You want to know which compound is working and how well.
    -Hdrol on a pulse is an ok idea, it just takes a little longer than most PHs for Hdrol to kick in at about 50-75mg per week.
    Epi is ok, i hear.

    If you do Anabolic Pump and Hdrol(not sure about epi) I beleive Hdrol you will want to up calories as it makes you hungry, this along with anabolic pump may not be good.

    Anabolic Pump alone is good also, i hear.

    So, summary, run one supp/PH, unless you have run one before then id say just do the other.

    PS-Epi is a mehtyl right? I knowHdrol is but on a pulse it should be ok.

    I am goin ot guess Epi-30/30/30/30/30 Hdrol-50/50/50/50/50....?
    Give us an idea on what your dosing protocal may be, your ideas.

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