My first T1pro cycle

  1. My first T1pro cycle

    Monday 7/28

    Today is the first day of my T1pro cycle. My measurements are:
    Arms: 15 in
    Waist (at bellybutton): 37 in
    Chest: 40 in
    Thighs: 23 in
    Calves: 15 in
    Forearm: 12in
    Weight is 193 lbs
    BF is 14.8%

    I am doing a 4 week cutting cycle, nolva is on hand and I'll use lypoderm-y after cycle as well. My diet is CKD, during the week I'll be taking in around 2300 calories, about 315 g protein and 120 g of fat, then carb up on Friday and Saturday.

    I weight train 3 times per week, whole body workouts Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. These work best for me, and I'm using a 5x5 scheme for deadlifts, bench, and squats. I'm also doing cardio, 20 minutes after lifting and an hour on Tuesday and Thursday.

    With the T1pro I want to put on a little more muscle mass and shed some body fat.

  2. I thought in a ckd you wanted to take in 1 gram of protein per lb of lean mass and the rest of the calories were supposed come from fat?

  3. I would think that your protien is a little high

  4. good luck!

  5. after planning my ckd I see that it can be kinda hard to get alot of fat intake so I now understand why you have so much protein, hopefully we with both do good on ckd

  6. I like keeping my protein high, if nothing comes off wihtin the first two weeks, I'll drop my protien. Also, it is only around 240g on non lifting days, the pre and post workout shake add the extra.

  7. I had to end my cycle, I hurt my lower back on Friday squatting. I strained it, so it is just really sore. I'm going to rest for a week, but i figured there is no use wasting the T1pro if I can't lift. I'll start out with some lite cardio this friday to see how I feel, but since it's my lower back I'm not going to lift heavy again until it is 100%. At that time I will start back on the T1.


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