H-Drol Only Log :)

  1. H-Drol Only Log :)

    Alright I thought I would start a new log for my H-Drol only cycle. I am 192 lbs and been training for about 3 years or so on weights. My goal is to drop some body fat while staying strong and looking leaner. I have some fat I HAVE to get off and I am going to bump up my cardio. I have done 2 cycles of PP, 1 cycle of 1AD and a short cycle of Liquid Masterdrol (stopped short when I relized it did not do anything). I will be taking CEL H-Drol 25mg twice a day for 30 days.

    H-Drol (1 at noon and the other at 8:00 pm)
    Liver RX (3x a day at 575 mg)
    Saw Palmetto
    CoQ10 (3x at 30mg)
    Glucosamine & Chondroitin
    No Shotgun (pwo)
    Muscle Milk (2-3X daily)
    Protein Isolate (2-3X daily)

    Nolvadex (starting at 40mg and tapering down to 10mg by week 4)
    I am not quite sure if I am going to use the Nolvadex. I might just use like 6-oxo or another product I am not quite sure. I will throw in some Tribex or Novadex XT if needed I got some left. I know not many people like Novadex XT but I did not see a prob with it. I will be taking the Liver RX the whole time during and PCT, the same with the CoQ10 and Glucosamine.

    I am going to post as much as I can. Right now I am in the process of trying to switch my work out routine around. I have had the same routine for a while now. Any advise on new routines welcome. Also on a side note, I have been thinking a lot in starting the Neutra System diet. Not because i am over weight. I don't think I am, but the food looks like it is healthy. That mixed with great training and supplementation and 100% dedication could get good results. i don't see how it couldn't. Anyways I will be hitting up this thread a few times a week and checking it probably everyday. Till then, Train Hard!

  2. Subbed, i am doing a similar cycle at the moment as well, good luck

  3. Good luck with your cycle. You might want to consider bumping up the dose to at least 75 mg/day and maybe even working up to 100 mg/day. Most people seem to respond better at a higher dose, especially since you have already ran a couple cycles. You could also consider lengthening your cycle to 5 or 6 weeks, just because I believe Halodrol is a slower acting compound. Just something to think about, but like I said good luck with your cut. I have two bottles of H-Drol sitting here so I'm interested to see how it treats you.

  4. Thanks man for the advise. Does anyone else think that doing a 4-6 week cycle would be okay. I was also reading some other posts that people do tend to bump up the dose like you said. Seeing how I feel I might just bump up to 75 the last 2 weeks. If I run it that long though I will probably use the Nolvadex.

  5. I did back and some bi's last night. I took only a half dose of the N0 Shotgun because the pump is sometimes too big and I cant bend my arms to do curls. I did not feel like I had the best workout, allthough when I left my back was completly pumped. Tonight I will take off and do legs Thursday. My appetite is not quite where I want it. I am trying to cut out all bad carbs past 6:00 pm. The only carbs I take after workout is the Muscle Milk. I can't wait to see how I feel next week. BTW I am still looking for advise on a new training routine

  6. I have yet to try hdrol, but i've got 2 bottles of it in the stash. Was thinking of doing a solo cutter in the spring, but don't yet know what doses. I was also thinking of bridging 2 weeks of epi. Lets see how well you do solo. Good luck~Subsizzled.

  7. I got a question. This is not going to be a real big bulking cycle like my PP was right? I think I have a pretty good diet but how much is the average weight somone puts on with H-drol

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Pac4Prez View Post
    I got a question. This is not going to be a real big bulking cycle like my PP was right? I think I have a pretty good diet but how much is the average weight somone puts on with H-drol
    Typically, h-drol is used to cut, but you should still make some moderate mass gains. Nothing like pp though.

  9. From what I have read, H-Drol is best for a cut. You should still see a slight increase on the scale, maybe 5 pounds or so, along with decent strength gains, but you should defiantly notice the cutting abilities of H-Drol.

  10. I Have Felt Some Really Good Strength Increases Thus Far. I Have Actually Lost Some Weight, About 2-3 Lbs. I Think My Bp Is A Little Bit High. I Have Been Getting Random Nose Bleeds About Twice A Day. So I Upped The Coq10. I Am Running In At 75mg. I Will Contuniue Dose Untill Last Week And Then Do 100mg. I Will Keep You All Informed. My Over All Opinion Of This Comnpound Is That I Seem To Be Getting A Little Tigher In Some Areas And Much Better For Cutting Like Most People Say. This Compound Would Work Great Stacked With Sd Or Pp If Done Correclty

  11. Quote Originally Posted by LilPsychotic View Post
    Typically, h-drol is used to cut, but you should still make some moderate mass gains. Nothing like pp though.
    Usually anywhere between 8 and 12 lbs with some fat loss.

  12. subed, looking forward to seeing this cycle, i'm helping my bro get started on one of his cycles and he wants to do an h-drol/epi stack.

  13. I Am Also Thinking On Stacking Hdrol With Pp The Last Wek Running Pp At 15mg And Then Doing Pct. Any Advise On This? I Think I Would Get Pretty Good Results Once The Hdrol Starts Kicking In During Week 4 And Doing The Pp The Same Week. When I Did My Pp Cycles I Felt The Pp Pretty Much The Day After My First Dose. I Would Have Done Sd But I Got Nasty Sides Off Pp So Thats Why I Went With Hdrol. Also I Got Another Question. I Have Some Body Fat I Need To Get Rid Of. Mostly On My Lower Body Like Innner Thighs And Gluts. How Much Cardio Should I Do? How Long? And How Many Days A Week?...thanks Guys

  14. Well All I Can Say Is That I Am Have Never Been Stronger. I Maxed My Bench At 265 Five Times. My Last Chest And Back Days Have Been The Best Workouts I Have Ever Had. I Really Like This Cycle. I Have Gained Like 2 Lbs But Not Much. I Have Little More Than 2 Weeks Left So I Am Cant Wait To See My Results At The End

  15. keep us posted... im runing my first cycle of haldrol.. but i want

  16. so... hows the cycle going??


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