BigV's Epistane Pulse

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  1. BigV's Epistane Pulse

    It's been a while since I've maintained a good log, and an even longer while (~3.5 yrs) since Ive used any kind of hormonal supplementation. Epistane is a very intiguing compound, and seems to be the best out of the post ban 'PH' type products to have been brought to market. After reading through Dr.D's pulsing article and several other user experience reports, I've decided to give an Epi pulse a run to see how it works for me.

    Goal is to run a 4-5 week pulse and attain a noticeable decrease in bodyfat while maintaining musclemass and hopefully a marginal strength increase. More of a recomp than a serious cutter.

    Current stats:

    Age: 31
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 218
    BF%: 12%

    Cycle Plan:
    Pulsing 3x a week M, W, F

    Week 1 (10,20,30)
    Week 2 (30,30,30)
    Week 3 (40,40,40)
    Week 4 (40,40,40)
    Week 5 (40,40,40)


    Natural Anabolics:
    Cissus Q. 6g (2g 3x/day)
    Turkesterone 4g (1.4g 3x/day)
    Rebound Reloaded (1cap/day at night)
    Xtend 23mg (11.5 mg 2x/day)
    Creatine Monohydrate (5g/day)

    Green Tea Extract: 800mg (400mg 2x/day)
    DS Basic Cuts (2caps 2x/day)
    Yohimbine 5mg (2.5mg/day)
    ALCAR 2g (1g 2x/day)
    Sesamin 1500mg (500mg 3x/day)

    Other Supps:
    Cycle Support

    Multivitamin 1/day
    Dessicated Liver 12 tabs (3 tabs 4x/day)

    6 meals a day, eating very clean
    Higher carb/calories on workout days ~(40/40/20)
    Lowercarb/cals on off days

    Monday: Arms/abs
    Wednesday: Chest/Delts
    Thursday: Back/Delts
    Friday: Legs/abs

    Training delts 2x a week because I split them up over 2 workouts. They're kinda fragile so I dont want to push it. Some weeks I may end up doing back and chest(or legs) together, depending on how busy I am.(life is kinda crazy atm)

    Shooting for 20-30min of cardio every weekday.

    Still waiting for half the stuff to get here, but started the Epi on Monday.

    I'll also be paying close attention to any effects on the hairline - I know some have experienced hair loss issues in epistane but I'm hoping the pulse method + the full spectrum of hair loss prevention crap I use will prevent that.

    I havent run much for supplements in a few months - just sticking to the basics and its worked well. Saved a bunch of cash but I've got to the point where I need a little boost to get over a plateau. Now is the time


  2. Are you using the natty anabolics on off days?


    I will be checking it out.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    Are you using the natty anabolics on off days?

  5. Good Luck and subbed.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    is that 4g of turkesterone as the steroid itself, or 4g of turkesterone X% by weight?
    2% by weight - it's the Turk that Nutraplanet 1st got in a few months ago. I never used it - cleaning out the supplement cabinet


  7. Nice /subbed.

    Much Love,


  8. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga View Post
    2% by weight - it's the Turk that Nutraplanet 1st got in a few months ago. I never used it - cleaning out the supplement cabinet

    Very nice. I used it a few months back @ 3g ED, and it seemed to work nicely for a "hardening" effect. This should do you well; however, probably not as well as 4g of actual turkesterone ED. :P

  9. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Very nice. I used it a few months back @ 3g ED, and it seemed to work nicely for a "hardening" effect. This should do you well; however, probably not as well as 4g of actual turkesterone ED. :P
    lol probably not!! Is pure Turk even available? I know Custom carries the 20%, which I might look into if this goes well:

  10. 1st week down - feeling pretty good, but I dont really notice anything from the Epi, which I expected. Looking a little more full and leaner overall...but increased cardio and more intensity in the gym can account for that.

    This is the 30mg/day week, 1st dose starting today.


  11. Good luck!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    What sort of lifts are you doing BigV? or is that going beyond the scope of this log?
    Keeping things kind of old school - generally 2 heavy compound movements and then lighter, more intense exercises to focus on hypertrophy. Ive tried all kinds of workout routines over the years, and this definitely has afforded me the most consistent results. When I do hit a plateau, I'll switch things up and implement various shocking techniques to get things going again.

    For instance, last nights arm workout was:

    Olympic Barbell Curl:
    145 x 8
    145 x 7
    145 x 5

    Close Grip Bench:
    235 x 8
    235 x 6
    225 x 7

    Alt. DB Curl:
    60s x 11
    60s x 10
    60s x 10

    Lying Tricep Extension(HIT):
    115 x 12
    115 x 10
    115 x 10

    Spider Curl(HIT):
    75 x 12
    75 x 10
    75 x 10

    Don't notice much yet - slight boost in mood and energy from the stims. Bodyfat is definitely down a bit, strength up just a hair from last week.


  13. Subbed! Looking forward to ur results!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Nice lifts

    I had a feeling you were going "old school" on us

    I think I remember skimming through an old old log by you, where you did the Big 3 all the way through the cycle, so I got curious what sort of techniques you were going for in this one.
    LOL yeah they're all pretty much like that. I've slacked a bit on the heavy deads and squats over the past few months, as crappy posture at work led to me tweaking my back pretty bad a while back. Im fully recovered but just taking it easy...that's some scary **** when one pull and you think you're all done!

    I have tried pure hypertrophy based routines like GVT, HIT, etc and when using lighter weight/higher volume exclusively I've *always* lost strength. If I keep the big compounds in there and keep them heavy, I seem to make better gains over all. Always been a big fan of MaxOT, 5x5, etc.

    I still have a lot to learn when it comes to training but Ive found that a mix of heavy compound movements and lighter, HIT isolation style training works best for me.


  15. subbed

    4-5week pulse, you can easily and safely increase this to at least use the entire bottle giving you 6-8weeks

  16. subbed

  17. subbed

    interesting read, i'm in

  18. Sorry for the lack of updates!! Been a busy ass week...

    Since the start of this 2 weeks ago, I am up 2lbs but am definitely slightly leaner. Workouts have been going great, although I havent been able to get in the 4 a week that I'd like.

    Strength is up slightly, but it's tough to tell if it's not just from an increase in motivation. Last weeks' leg day was off the hook - I hadn't worked out that hard in a good 3-4 months. It felt great, I could barely walk!!

    For a week after that it seemed I was constantly ravenously hungry, I did keep my diet pretty clean although there was some pizza in there somewhere

    Still haven't got the BCAA's, Yohimbine, or Seasmin but I'll be ordering them soon...been waiting for Nutra to get bulk Cissus back in stock.

    Basic Cuts is a great preworkout booster - it's tough to tell if the huge energy boost I have in the gym is from that or the preworkout dose of Epistane. PEA+Hordenine+Caffeine is a really great combo, I may order these ingredients separately and experiment with different ratio, as the product is defintely most effective on an empty stomach, but the cayenne pepper can be a little irritating.

    Overall, the whole cycle is going how I expected. I look a little bigger and leaner, and energy levels are up quite a bit.

    No negative sides to report.


  19. very cool sounds good

  20. nice job so far


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