DieTrying's SUPERONE+ log

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  1. DieTrying's SUPERONE+ log

    I know that there have been tons of logs about SuperOne+, but for my own personal sake I decided to put a log on here. I have been researching and studying for many, many months to learn as much as I can about prohormones. This board has been awesome and I appreciate ANY of your questions or comments. My first application was Sunday night, so I consider this DAY 2. In the past 3 months I have cut down from a porky 242 to a lean-er 218 so that I could bulk for this cycle to get the most muscle gain possible from the PH.

    Other things I will be taking: Multi-vitamins, creatine, flax. I have 6-OXO on hand and just ordered Nolva.

    I appreciate any input (Draven, any S1+ users......)!!

  2. Things I've noticed so far (DAY2)

    My first applictaion burned a lot more than I tought it would. No real rashes or anything, just burned especially around my traps and the lower part of my neck. I havn't really experienced any side effects yet EXCEPT FOR 2 THINGS: last night I woke up at 4 am STARVING. I could have ate the entire house! Also, last night had some very, very vivid dreams. It was like those dreams you have that feel SO REAL that it feels like its actually happening. Could all just be a concidence...

    It might sound weird, but I'm actually kinda hoping for some side effects so I know this stuff is in my system and that the S1+ is flowing!

  3. Anybody got any tips or pointers for me? I was hoping for a few "good lucks" or maybe even a pat on the ass.

  4. sounds like everything is going okay.. just keep it up.. also, if it were me, I would make sure my late night eating is clean.. but if you are going to have to decide how easy it was for you to lose the bf the first time....

  5. Thanx Matthew- actually,keeping a good diet is pretty easy for me.I never really cheat and my diet is always very clean. Before bed I slam down the cottage cheese and that seems to be helping me through the night.

  6. I'll give you a pat on the.. wait...good luck instead.

  7. DAY 4-pre-workout

    Didn't work out yesterday. Actually played in two softball games (playoffs), so I burned more calories than I would have liked. Having a very hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Appetite has increased a lot. Other than that, nothing yet. I will kill my LEGS today...I know it takes a while for 1-test to kick in, but I'm getting antsy!!

  8. Good luck, I'll be watching to see your results. Hope ya gain a few lbs

  9. Die,
    What doses you running. And yeah, try and avoid the neck area when appling. That seems to be the most easily irratiated area for transdermals for most people. (Besides the eyes and nutsake (keep it away from those bad boys))

    Good luck bro,
    Im sure youll do fine,.


    I can honestly say your the first person Ive ever heard say that they are looking forward to side effects. In 2 weeks youll probably be dreading them. LETHARGY can be a bitch around that time. Youll sleep good though.
  10. DAY 5

    Thanx for your replys DB and Goin-Big...I am going at the recommended dosing 6X2/day. I was going to go with more but decided not to go crazy with my first cycle.

    Yesterday I had an awesome leg workout. I pushed out a few more reps.I've heard that while "ON" the muscle recovery process is much faster...well that hasn't kicked in yet because today I can barely walk.

    Today I will hit shoulders, traps, and back. This is usually my favorite day of the week. WISH ME LUCK!

  11. Just cuz you can't walk don't mean you can't squat

  12. Had an awesome shoulder/back/trap workout. I pushed out some extra reps, but nothing that knocked my socks off.

    But i must say that the lethargy is definetly kicking in!! Today I went out for lunch with my girlfriend and I wanted to fall asleep on the table. I was real close to asking her drive home from the restaurant. I can feel this stuff starting to work.

  13. You were gonna let a girl drive!!! Omg, that lethargy must be hardcore

  14. DAY 6- I didn't work-out today, I just wanted to come by and update the log. I had a very intense week in the gym, mostly because I have been so excited about my cycle. I was able to push out a few extra reps here and there, but I don't necessarily think it is from the SuperOne+. I havn't really seen much of a difference as far as my size/body composition goes. I am being patient and can't wait for the weeks to come. Monday morning will be my official weigh-in.

    Sides so far:
    I've actually been pleased with the little amounts of sides I've seen. Lethargy is bad at times, but it seems to come and go. I have a much bigger appetite than usual, and I am having a lot more dreams at night.
  15. DAY 8-first official weigh-in

    Well this morning had its ups and downs. I woke up and did my first real weigh-in. I weighed 221 on a totally empty stomach,and that is 3 pounds up from 218 when I started. I'm sure it isn't all muscle, but never the less I am still pleased...

    Today I worked out chest/tris and was a little dissapointed because didn't see much strength increase. I didn't let it get me down and still had a great workout and great pump, was just hoping for a little more. I also had that feeling that could have kept going...I honestly didn't wanna leave the gym but I had to b/c my friend had to be to work and I drove him.

  16. Dude, good reports so far...Here is a bit of info for you. First, take an ECA like Extreme Ripped Fuel first thing in the morning after you apply the Super One+, it will give you the jolt to get up and around so you can go work out. Second, even though you are starting to experience the lethargy, you will not start seeing strength increases till about the 3rd or 4th week. Plus, remember that to get the strength increases everyone talks about you have to lift your ass off and continously increase the weight on your exercises each time in the gym. Also, the 1-Test helps utilize and convert the vast amounts of protein you should be sticking into your body into repairs and the building of muscle fibers. Trust me, just record weights, body measurements, etc. and at the end of your cycle look back at the start and you will be impressed. Anxiety is truly the mind killer, and especially the muscle killer. What that means is don't really think about it too hard and wonder why your not lifting 200lbs this week, when last week you were lifting only 180lbs. Just be patient and give your cycle time.
  17. DAY 10

    SBASS---ahh thank you for stopping by. I'm actually a fan of yours and the advice you gave SuperX about gyno and nolva over at followed your work

    The lethargy isn't really bad. Actually I have no real complaints about sides. For some reason it was awful last Friday. So far, like you said, the strength gains havn't been anything mind blowing. I'm doing a few extra reps here and there and surprising myself a little bit, but I know the best is to come. I am being patient, it is just hard b/c I've been reading and researching for SOOO LONG. But I will say that I have been working harder than ever in the gym and my diet hs been very clean. I WILL DIE TRYING!

  18. JUST A SIDE NOTE: this has nothing to do with anything at all.. tomorrow i will be meeting Lee Priest! Can't wait! I heard right now he is 5'2 , 275....I've never seen anything like that in my life.

  19. Die,
    This is probably irrelavent but just as sbass said, Gains will become more visable around weeks 3-4. But keep in mind lethargy only gets worst as well. By week four, if your dosing very heavy youll be beggin for the cycle to end so you can finally get some work (besides the gym) done. Im a project manager/project engineer/ estimator for a very large construction Management firm and Im behind a computer almost all day. I have to slap myself, Splash some water on my face and continiously remind myself to wake up or else Im done. It can really blow sometimes. Just keep in mind that while in the gym FIGHT that **** and lift heavy, but be safe.


  20. Die- everything looks good to me...I am also using superone+ Today marks the end of my 2nd week, as I am doing hardcore dosing 12 squirts x 2 daily, for 4 weeks. I have both clomid and nolva. Well, my stregnth is DEFNINITLY up big time in the gym, but I really dont notice any size increase at all, with the exception of 5lbs which is most likley just water retention. Do you think I will blow up at all in weeks 3-4? really hoping so. keeping calories extra high. eating 6 meals a day easily.
  21. DAY 11-Legs today

    BULK-Thanx for jumping in. Well best of luck to you. Sounds like the only difference between you and I is the dosing. I think we'll do fine... I mean as long as we're training hard and taking in the calories, thats all we can do. Glad to hear that you're strength has jumped. Mine is really starting to. You're a few days ahead of me, so it will be interesting to watch and see.

    LEG DAY TODAY- Had another great leg workout. Leg pressed a new high for me of 765 for 10 reps. I felt good.

    I must report that I have started to notice some acne (and back-ne) kicking in. It isn't really any big, nasty pimples...more like tiny red dots. mY girlfriend noticed it. To be honest with you its not really a big deal to me. I can live with it. I am taking extra Vitamin E and high doses of B5.

    Well thats it for now. BULK, thanx for dropping by,and anyone reading this feel free to add your 2 cents.

  22. Nice work with the leg press .... today is also my leg day - my legs lack behind anything else, but I have no choice but to punish them deadlifts, squats, leg press....will be heading to the gym in a few hours ...ive got increased acne as well, nothing too bad, just have to make sure i was my face a good 3-4 times daily with acne wash. but the biggest side effect i have noticed since the first week has definitly been increased libido. big talkin when the wind blows anyways, thanks for the input Die and we'll keep each other posted on proggres
  23. DAY 15

    Its been a few days since my last post. Sorry, been busy. Strength is up in the gym, everything has gone up a decent amount except for my bench press...which is where I need the help. I got two compliments this weekend from people telling me I have gotten bigger. I don't see it, but if they do, awesome. The next few days will be crucial!

  24. my stregnth is up bigg time , just not any bigger ... got a friend who is doing the same thing as me, but is just about done with his four week cycle and hes up 15lbs ... im gettin jelous... i gotta start getting up earlier. been waking up real late and not eating meal one till 11:30am .... that should be time for meal #3 .....

  25. Ya i agree with you Bulk. During the summer i always sleep in and the 1-test makes me even more tired. Just like Bulk, my strength is way up in the gym, but not much size to report.


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