Androstenetrione Powder

  1. Nor Cycle + Androstenetrione Powder

    I'm planning on running a 19Nor cycle sometime soon.
    I'm homebrewing the Nor and using Avant's 4-Aderm for the 4-ad.
    Planning to Throw 12grams of 19Nor Powder in BDCs T-GEL.
    I'm planning on 600mg of Nor a Day and 300mg of 4-ad.
    Planning to go 30 or 35days... too short?
    Should I up the Nor Dose? Want to gain about 10lbs of muscle, and trying to keep it as lean as possible.
    any and all advice is appriciated

    And --
    Hey I've been away from the sports supplement scene for a while, I noticed 1fast is selling Androstenetrione Powder.
    Are people capping this or making homebrews?
    I have been curious what has been up with the 6oxo homebrew...
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    I'm also taking Propecia -- how much does this hurt the effectiveness of a NOR cycle? I read it prevents the 19NOR from reaching the target hormone

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