i did ok on this cycle

  1. i did ok on this cycle

    i started at 168 ,final weight was 183.its been 5 days after
    power is still there but weight has gone down to 179.not worried but i was not impressed with that 1,4 diol at all, it did nothing for me.I think im going to try 4ad&19 nor next to see what happens
    ill put my pics up later.have to wait for curtis to get back from CUBA!!!

  2. what were you using and what post supps you using now? (and cute avatar)

  3. i was useing the same cycle as curtis.and i am on novla now.

  4. Originally posted by q-tip
    i was useing the same cycle as curtis.and i am on novla now.
    How would one get his hands on some Nolva? A PM would be cool.


  5. we had it from a long tome ago .you should e-mail curt2go!!he will give you the right path



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