superdrol/pheraplex cycle

  1. superdrol/pheraplex cycle

    i was told to put this thread in here. just acquired some superdrol and pheraplex. i completed one cycle of superdrol by itself with great results. now i have pp. i've done real gear in the past but have been out of the loop for a while. but i have been working out hard for the last ten yrs. i've heard mostly bad things about doing two mythels. please explain. also a good solid cycle and post cycle therapy would help. quick stats: 30 yrs old, 6'4", and 240. please dont give me the run around, i've read alot about the two but am still confused.

  2. Whats your goal here? Bulk or cut? People say that stacking specifically PP and SD have a synergistic effect when it comes to toxicity. So using both at the same time is not typically recommended. However lately a lot of guys are Running PP then bridging into SD.

    How many weeks do you want to go?

  3. i went 4 weeks originally with the sd but thinking of going longer with both. looking to gain some good strength and shed some body fat. but again more concerned with pct, and if those aren't good together then tell me which would go good with sd or pp

  4. anybody out there?

  5. Yeah if your lookin for strength and recomp just run the SD solo for 4 weeks. As far as pct check out the PCT forum to get a few ideas.

    Let us know what your thinking and we will critique it. Its a pretty wide open topic.

  6. Stacking Methyls: A+B=???

    I posted some stuff that Bobo had said about stacking methyls...I'm hoping to get some more answers there that are on a biological might be a good thread to watch if you're looking for more in depth info about stacked methyls.

    Post cycle therapy is definitely a broad topic, but a generic pct consists of a SERM, test booster (maybe something extra for libido too), anti aromatase (aromatase inhibitor), and a cortisol blocker. People that understandably aren't comfortable with purchasing SERMs are looking into our new product, Post Cycle Support, as an alternative: Post Cycle Support (120 caps) By Anabolic Innovations and some are stacking it with a product from another board sponsor, Dermacrine Sustain.
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  7. thanx appreciate the info. what about bridging the two? what exactly does that mean

  8. Here's an example of bridging two products...we'll call them product A and Product B

    Wk 1 A @ 20mg
    Wk 2 A @ 20mg - 30mg
    Wk 3 A @ 20mg & B @ 10mg
    Wk 4 B @ 20mg
    Wk 5 B @ 30mg
    Wk 6 - 10 Post Cycle Therapy
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