I'll be jacked again by Xmas cycle

  1. I'll be jacked again by Xmas cycle

    Well, I will be starting a cycle of Mega-Trn and Furazadrol. I will likely run 2 mg and 150 of Furazadrol.

    I like to get everything planned out before I start a cycle so I will, document my cycle plan here for critique.

    2 weeks prior Perfect cycle recommended dose (run throughout cycle and post cycle therapy)

    1 week prior Saw Palmetto (run throughout cycle and post cycle therapy)

    4 weeks 4 mg of Mega-Trn, 150 Furazadrol

    Hawthorn Berry (run throughout cycle and post cycle therapy)

    post cycle therapy
    Toremifene 120, 90, 60, 30
    Activate 4 caps a day
    Lean Extreme 3 times a day
    Drive 6 a day
    Debating taking 200 mils of DHEA as well
    Have to get stalked on fish oils and flax as well to run throughout the cycle.

    Oh yah have some left over bottles of REM will take this during my cycle as well

    Any comments or critiques are more than welcome.

  2. All my goodies are in, I find that suprememuscle is just as fast as Nutraplanet, wonder why that is.

    Anyhow I will be starting my preload this sunday.

  3. Run 2mg of TRN for maybe 3 days at most, then bump to 4mg. If you don't feel TRN after 1.5 weeks, bump up to 6mg.

    I ran Mega-TRN for three weeks (stopped the cycle short because I didn't feel anything from it) and the highest I went was 6mg, along with 30mg Phera-Max. If I kept going with the cycle, I could have made better gains, but decided to stop so I could run a cycle in the Winter, which won't happen, so now waiting until Spring.

    I did not notice any sides at 6mg. Then again, I didn't notice much in terms of gains either, lol. Maybe I'm just a non-responder.

  4. The main thing I noticed from MTRN (other than crazy strength gains) was crazy nutrient repartitioning. If I didn't eat enough throughout the day, then I found myslef wolfing down anything in the fridge.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Yes I have heard some people start off at 2 mg, I might consider this I will need to do more research.

    I am cutting so I have to watch my intake hope it doesn't prove too difficult.



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