Advice on my stack PLEASE!

  1. Question Advice on my stack PLEASE!

    Hey , I am new to this and trying to get a handle on what is the best stack to run.......I have just finished 4weeks on Underground Labs M-5aa with SAN V12 turbo , plenty of protein etc.......I have used Ultra Hotter for PCT ........(great pumps , lower BF reasonable strenth gains)...

    I have got LG M-1D , Alri Methoxy TRN , waiting in the wings but not sure whether to try and stack either of them with USP Powerfull ?? or as standalone??

    After that I was looking to try the Alri Evo stack
    or AX stack?

    But having read loads of mixed reviews across many boards it seems there have been issues with both .....

    I have seen good reports on the new Animal Test product and considered that stacked with Animal Stak 2???
    Or controlled labs Blue Up and Powerfull?

    HELP its a mystery ...?

    17% BF
    work out + sports 5 times a week....

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    you should lock it up until you know how to cycle properly and do some research. Just trying to help you out. What is "ultra hotter"? and why did you use it as post cycle therapy?
    funny you speak of research yet you dont know what ultra hotter is

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