Busting my Pin Cherry

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  1. Busting my Pin Cherry

    I have decided to give my lab rat a try at injections.
    I am going to try him at a cycle consisting of Sustaject 250, Equipoise, and Nandrolone Decanoate. It's going to be 15 weeks and heres the breakdown.
    Sustaject 250 @500mg's EW weeks 1-15
    Equipoise @ 500mg's EW weeks 1-5
    Nandrolone Decanoate @ 400mg's EW Weeks 6-15
    plus the Clomid and all the other PCT goodies starting week 16 and so on.
    Sustaject 250 is 30mg propionate, 60mg phenylpropionate, 60mg isocaproate, and 100mg decanoate.
    My lab rat is 39yrs old, 225lbs, 12%BF and has been training for about six years.
    This won't start till around march but I wanted to get a little feedback before he gets pinned.

  2. Extend the EQ, a lot...

  3. 15 wks w/no HCG??
    you must be married and done w/sex - right?

  4. I will extend the EQ thru week 10. and run the deca week 11-15.
    Yeah, I am married with a three year old. I will also have HCG. Give me a sec and I'll tell you how much and when.

  5. HCG 250iu's twice a week starting in the fifth week till week15.
    Gotta take care of the Boys even though I don't get to use them much.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    I will extend the EQ thru week 10. and run the deca week 11-15.
    Yeah, I am married with a three year old. I will also have HCG. Give me a sec and I'll tell you how much and when.
    cool deal. i'm married with a one year old myself. lot of fun!

    this cycle looks advanced for a first injectable run but i'm sure the results would be impressive.

    i'm kind of a novice on gear, but from what i've taken in you may be very pleased with just sust + eq or sust + deca. and maybe throw in a 4 wk kick start.

  7. Well It is kinda nutty, But I was going off the advise of, And Don't shoot me please, Dave Palumbo. Not personally but what I have read from him he says it's better to run one type of test and use two other anabolics for six to eight week mini cycles in the cycle.
    This stuff kinda fell into my lap and I don't want it to go bad before I can do it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    15 wks w/no HCG??
    you must be married and done w/sex - right?
    Why don't you think you'll come back without it...

  9. I think I'll come back I just think it will be easier on the twins.

  10. easier yes...250iu's sat/sun?

  11. Mon/Thurs. Twice a week.

  12. dont end the deca to close to PCT it will make recovery harder for you. I would also suggest only two injectables and if you want, throw in an oral. Itll be a tough cycle for your first with three injectables.

  13. I think the idea of Sust/EQ...And I def. agree with PP on the 2 injectables.

    Plus with sust you shouldn't need a kickstart.

  14. When would you stop the Deca? I won't be doing three at once. I want the deca near the end because I plan on the heavier weight and will want the Aid in recovery.

  15. I'd stop dec 2 weeks before PCT and EQ 3 Weeks...

  16. id stop at least two weeks before the end of the test. You wont be utilizing the deca or the eq if you run either at less then 8 weeks so this cycle is kinda hard pressed for using deca AND eq unless you plan on stacking them at some point.

  17. why not run sust for 13 and eq for 12?

  18. PI, I might do that and save the Deca for the next one. Like I said in the beginning; I am very appreciative for the feedback. I'll probably change it fifty times again before March. But I am glad I am getting the Ideas and opinions.

  19. March...thats called planningin advance...I think I had my stuff for about 6 months before i took the plunge...

  20. Gixxer...why didn't you run it EOD?

  21. you're right that pinning ED will help negate some sides because it will keep blood levels constant but DAMN thats an intense first cycle.

  22. Gix is one crazy mofo. that's why i got pleasure from following his log documenting the pain he experienced on his first injectable cycle of ED prop injections.

    running sust, deca and eq (1.4grams/wk) is also crazy for a first injectable cycle. that's why i'm logged in to big bamma's thread here.

    i come to am.com for entertainment purposes only.

  23. 1.4 grams a week? How exactly are you coming up with the number?

  24. but theyre different substances...you can't add up like that...

    plus bama decided to drop one.

  25. butt munch...i miss that one...

    the only reason I would distinguish them is because I personally wouldn't run EQ alone. the effects are pretty mild and using it with test is a great way to go.

    and the sust blend would have kicked in well before the EQ so bama would be able to tell the difference in the effects of each.

    In other words, I don't see this as a crazy first cycle, as Hank claimed earlier...


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