T-1 Pro and 1.4 diol stack

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  1. T-1 Pro and 1.4 diol stack


    I'm on day 14 of my 6 week T-1 pro 1,4 diol stack.
    So far this stuff is already producing amazing results. I am a skeptic and this stuff is off the hook. I am really happy with the reslts so far, especially since I am very skeptical about all of the hyped up crap that we get fed. I am also surprised that this stuff is already working this fast, as from everything I have read It talkes a good 3 weeks for the major results begin. How far will it take me??.....

    When I first began (the 1st week or so) , I did feel a bit lethargic. Nothing unbearable, but it did make it hard for me to get out of bed or get into the gym. That has since past and my workouts are now extremely intense. Great strength increases ALREADY and I'm only 2 weeks into the cycle. My weight has increased from 221-222 to about 230-231. Yes folks, that's about 10 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks. And the quality of the muscle is incredible. I look leaner than on day 1, and my fibers are rock hard. I am pushing myself as hard as possible in the gym and I really hope to achieve my goal of 240 lbs on this stack. I know that's a tough shot, but right now..... the goal seems quite realistic considering I have 3 weeks left.

    Oh yeah, I have my nolva on hand in case i need it, but no itchy nips yet. I don't think I am prone to gyno... but wtf wants to take the chance?

    I will be using the nolva post cycle to get the "boyz" back in shape. As of yet I really haven't experienced a loss of libido or shrinkage of nutz. But... I know it's still early.

    Oh yeah... 1 further note, I am also usng proteins from protein customizer. So far this has proven very cost efficient, and I know exactly what is going in my shakes.....

    milk isolate + oatmeal and ground flax in the morn upon waking.
    cfm whey + powdered lemon gatorade post workout
    milk isolate + oatmeal and ground flax after meal 2
    milk isolate + oatmeal and ground flax (when I can)
    micellear casein and water before bed.

    also 3 meals a day.

    Well, that's about it... I'll keep you guys posted.


  2. Good luck on your cycle...lift heavy and eat big!


  3. Sounds good but to burst your bubble I would doubt the 10 lbs is all muscle.
    Im just finishing my first week of T-1 pro and T-4 lotions at 4 pumps a day. 2 of each in the morning and 2 of each in the evening. Ive gained about 7-8lbs of WEIGHT, Not all muscle.
    Hardest problem is finding a location on the body that hasnt been used in the past day to apply. 4 pumps covers alot of area! ohh and Im also finihing up some Sublingual PH's I had left over from a old cycle.
    Lethargy... Only when Im not keeping busy.

    Loving in though.


  4. Well, I know my body friend.... and I know by my consequent strength increases AND loss of body fat that most of it IS lean weight. I know the differences in retaining water, increasing weight, and muscle. I'm sure everyone responds differently. My training tactics, nutritional intake, rest, all sorts of things could be the differences in my results and yours. This isn't my first prohormone cycle, so I know what lean mass is. That being said, your body may not be responding as well... or it may respond better than others. There are too many variables to say that just because you got these results precludes any results I can expect.

  5. Only thing I see which you can improve on is switching from Gatorade to Dextrose or Maltodextrin post workout because I believe Gatorade has Fructose, which ain't better than Malto or Dextrose post workout

  6. Day 17....

    Weighed in at 232.5 lbs this morning. Yesterday I had a killer leg workout. Strength is rocketing. I normally max out at 405 lbs on squats for 6 reps. I did 455 8 times on my 5th and final set yesterday and it felt like the 405 I was doing before. Walking dumbell lunges also increased weight... on final set I used 2 80lb dumbells and did 10 steps on each leg. did 250 for 8 reps on my final set of extensions. Man, when I finished my workout and I was leaving the gym, my torched-ass legs gave away and I tumbled down a small set of steps..... heheh wasn't that embarrassing. But .... it was worth it cause I blasted the hell out of my legs.....

    Back and biceps this afternoon.....

    I'll update in a few days,


  7. Day 19....

    WTF, this stuff is screwing with my body!!! My weight is up to 235. I had one of the best chest workouts ever today, I was pumped as hell. Strength up again as well. I measured my arm last night. A solid 17.5! That's up 1/2 inch from the start of my cycle. I know it wasn't just full of blood either, cause I measured at night on my day off. I am almost at the 1/2 way point of my cycle... things are going better than I had ever planned. My goal of 240lbs seems QUITE breakable at this point. The lethargy has completely disappeared. I can't tell of any side effects at this point (just don't sit and talk on the bench at the gym...hehehe).

    Man, I'm stoked....


  8. Go boy go! Congrats on your progress so far!

  9. Day 24.....

    Well, I'm just past the halfway point of my cycle. The rate of weight increase has slowed as I weighed in at 235 this morning. Had a great leg workout yesterday. Did 475 6 times on squats the last set. I am looking a bit leaner in the mirror. Who says you have a loss of libido on this stuff?? Certainly not my girlfriend.

    I do notice that I am having the same problem as Npursuit about the hair fallout thing. I thought i was being paranoid until I read his post today. Back and biceps today. Quick note on my workout.... I am going to change it up a bit. I am going to do just back at 11 am, then go back and do biceps at 6pm. I thing it will give me a little recovery time to help me hit biceps harder. They are getting too friggin pumped from my back workout to really continue blasting them as hard as I'd like. Not necessarily a bad problem.. hehehhe


  10. Oh yeah, thanks for the kind words Npursuit.... encouragement always helps. You know I'm following your posts, too.


  11. are they offering this cycle as a package deal or did you just order it all separately..?

  12. I am not aware of any package deal. I bought the T-1 pro from power nutrition, and I picked up 2 bottles of the 1,4 diol from another member that was unloading them.... 35 bucks for both bottles.

  13. jx is your 1,4 dione or diol? oral or transderm? keep rockin dude!

  14. It's bdc's 1,4 diol. I went with the oral, because from what I've heard it absorbs quite easily orally.



  15. Day 28.....

    Not too much to report. My weight seems to be fluctuating here of late. Bounces between 234 and 236 the last couple of days. Workouts have been excellent. How the hell do you guys stand taking that nolvadex orally. I got the 40 gm/ml liquid and it burned like hell. The next time I tried squirting the stuff into the back of my throat with an eyedropper. My damn throat burned like hell for the rest of the day. Any suggestions on how to make this stuff less painful? This **** is somoe of the nastiest tasting stuff I have ever had.....


  16. i've heard you can mix it in a drink/shake.

  17. hey jx, how much 1,4 diol you taking daily?

  18. I'm taking the recommended 300 mg/ day. 100 mg 3 times.


  19. Cool man, I might get some t-1 final and some 1,4 diol before they somehow get banned by the idiots of the world, hopefully they have a long shelf life

  20. I have heard that they do. Well over a year from what I have heard Chemo say.


  21. Btw, it looks like you're noticing that the results seem to stop at week 4, am I right, or are you gonna go for 6 weeks still and see what happens?

  22. Well, I have committed to the 6 week cycle at 3 squirts a day. I must ay that the results have slowed significantly, but I believe progress is still being made. The weight increases have subsided..... howevever strength is stil improving.


  23. Ok, I'll be watching, I hope you break 500 for reps in squats

  24. Day 31.......

    Ok. Today is my day off. Had another great leg workout day yesterday. I love racking up the weight on leg day when all of the pretenders stand around the flat bench and work on biceps and chest. I guess those are the only muscle groups in my gym. Pushed up a new high in squats yesterday. 490 for 5 good reps and a 6th forced one. There's something about that bar bending around your neck that just does it for me. My weight has definitely stabilized. Hangin tough there at 236. I've slipped a little on my caloric intake (not protein) so I wonder if that has affected my progress. I can say that I look leaner than last week. When I was hitting heavy t-bar rows the other day, the vascularity looked great. Not much time left so I don't know if the weight gain is going to quite hit the 240 that I had set as a goal, but I am already more than happy with the results I have gained. That was quite a lofty goal! I can't see that even illegal roids could do much better than this in 4 weeks. I could be wrong, but just for me this rate of gain is more than satisfying. I just wanted a slight nudge, not a full blown kick in the ass, but I seem to have fallen more towards the kick side. Bottom line, with proper training and nutrition.... THIS **** WORKS. Hopefully I will retain most of what I have gained (got my nolva ready).

    Til next time friends.....


  25. JX,
    You gotta post a pic bro. Sounds like your doing awesome.



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