4AD/1-T Cycle Critique

  1. 4AD/1-T Cycle Critique

    Hey guys,

    I am in the process of planning my upcoming bulking cycle.
    I weight 220lbs, lower double digits bodyfat.
    My plan is to use 12g of 4AD and 10g of 1-T, in 480 ml of the BDC T-Gel.
    This would be applied at 4 squirts, twice daily.
    This amounts to 333mg of 1-T and 400mg of 1-AD per day.
    Cals would be around 4000-4500, 300-400g protein, <100g fat (lots of flax, fish oil)
    My workouts are lower rep(5-8), higher set, higer weight, all compound movements.
    I have my diet and workouts down pretty well, mostly looking on opinions on the ph dosages. This seems higher than what most people on this board use, but within the recommended ranges, imo.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Forgot to add, I would run this for ~30 days.

  3. Have you done 1-test before.. If not then I would stay 200-250.. You will still get awsome results.. The 4-ad looks good though.. TTY
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  4. curt:
    wow that was a quick response

    Yes, I have used 1-t and 4ad before, for cutting only.
    Lethargy was not a big issue, agression was more of a problem. My girl begged me never to do "steroids" again.

    UPD: now that I think about it, my "pissyness" might have been caused by the fact that I was cutting my cals quite severely at the time. That, or the high EC, which makes me agressive as well.

  5. 333 is alot of 1-test. I'm really not one to talk though.. It will be a good bulking cycle though.. I say go for it then.. TTY
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  6. Btw, I will also be using plastic wraps for the majority of the day, which might affect absorption rates, so keep this in mind when looking at the dosages.

  7. curt: What is the highest amount of 1-T you've used in the past? For how long? Did you notice side-effects?

  8. i won't even ask what you do for a living. But if you are going to do that it will up your absorption so maybe you will want to take the amount down a bit.. To 250.. TTY
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  9. heheheh. i front loaded 800mg/day for 1 week then 400mg/day for 3 weeks.. That was my last cutting cycle. I also ran 100mg 4-ad and 400mg 1,4.. TTY
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  10. I work as a computer programmer, so the wraps don't bother me (unless it's really hot).

    Why did you go so low with the 4AD? Because of the high 1-T dosage?

  11. Nope. i did not want to gain any water.. thats all.. Other than that i love 4-ad... TTY
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  12. Gotcha.

    I found your cycle log, so I'll go read it now.
    Thanks for all your help.


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