The basics first...i'm 37 and been lifting for 20 years. I was 160 when i started and now i'm pushing 260. I have never done a cycle of anything so this will be my first. I'm going to do a pulse cycle and take it slow and easy. I'm going to take it on Monday, Wensday and Friday only and run it for 4 weeks.
I have Dhea and a test booster and lots of creatine here at home, should i use this on my off days??? I've read through the post and can't seem to get a clear cut answer.
Plus i lift on like a 4 day split, i lift a couple days and then take 1 or 2 off and then lift a couple more and then take off 1 or 2 (you get the point) Will doing a 3 day a week pulse cycle still work for my workout split???