How do I stop this anabolic yo-yo?

  1. How do I stop this anabolic yo-yo?

    I have been using PHs (and lately 1-T/4-AD transdermals) off and on for the past 2 years or so.  I made my most significant gains about 1-1/2 years ago when I used 1-AD for 8 weeks.  I went from 185 BW to well over 210 and had some HUGE strength gains.  I kept all but 10 pounds of that a year later.

    Anyhow, every cycle I have run since then always ends up the same - I get bigger and stronger while "on" then shrink back down to pre-cycle size and strength about 3 weeks into post cycle.  Lately I have used 6-Oxo post cycle but still get the same result - anabolic Yo-Yo.

    Is it possible I have reached my limits and the PHs are just temporarily raising the game or am I doing something wrong?  I'm not a huge guy (5'10", 205 pounds) but I am about 45 pounds heavier than my brother who does not lift weights (I'm 41, he's 40 - we're both naturally ectomorphs).  I've been lifting for about 26 years.

    What do you think/recommend at this point?

  2. Exactly what are doing post cycle? You said you are thaking 6oxo, but how much? Are you still getting lots of sleep and good food post? I have heard that many people even eat more food post cycle.

  3. I kept my calories way up after cycle (they still are above maintenance but not nearly as much), i've got another week of post cycle coming up. Then I'll be goin to the dieting caloric requirements.

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  4. Jeff I would suggest trying clomid or nolva post cycle, mabe these will help keep more of your gains. Not trying to say 6-oxo doesn't work, just saying, try something different. As mentioned above keep cals high post cycle and also remember to lower work out volume post cycle. You can look into HST or Max-ot type training for this. Of course higher volume training such as GVT while 'ON' would help. Small and frequent doses of ECA have also been known to help keep gains. Also try taking a longer 'off' time or break from phs, then come back with a vengance. Hope that helps, good luck.

  5. Try 2 - 3 week cycles. No post cycle crash so you'll keep more of your gains. This keeps your natural test from shuting down so you shouldn't loose much muscle.

  6. Why don't you go with what you know works for you, 1-ad. Doesn't make sense to me that you started experimenting with all these transdermals, if a year and a half ago, you found a way you could gain and maintain 10 lbs post cycle.

    Who knows, maybe it's time to try some real gear?

    although techically 1-test is real gear....

    if I was you I'd do another 8 weeks of 1-ad, since it has worked for you before. and if it works again, stop experimenting and do that same cycle over and over again!

    "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

    quote of the century when it comes to bodybuilding

  7. How in the hell did you do an 8 week cycle of 1-AD without going into hibernation?

  8. First off, make sure you natural test has returned to baseline. Your natural test is probably not returning at the same rate it did a year ago when you first started PH's. The best way to determine this is getting your blood work done. I also heard that you have two consecutive morning woods in a row, your natural test may be back (although I am skeptical of that method). You should run post cycle meds for four weeks. Simply put, you are going to yo-yo if natural test is not back to baseline between cycles.


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