The Next Few Months

  1. The Next Few Months

    So, just finished testing ALRI EVO STACK. Now soon i will test Epithin-E for 4 weeks at 30-40mg a day. Then a while off as usual, then.

    Test Cyp 750mg/week
    1,4AD powder 2g/day
    M1,4ADD 12 days @ 200mg

    This cycle will last about 11 weeks. The 11th week will include test prop while the cyp leaves my system. EPI may be added at low dose before pct to lower estrogenic sides.

    PCT will be toremifene and clomid, igf-1, pegMGF, retain, aPCT, tribulus, HCG

    What do you think of my next few months AND when should i incorporate HCG... thinking @ week 3 500iu/week, but then how does HCG go on in PCT??

  2. Most will recommend using the HCG on cycle. This has very good info on an HCG protocol:

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