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    hey guys. im thinking hard about starting up again after 2 week break from T-1. Initially, i used just the T-1 for 3 weeks, and used only zma and the usual flax during postcycle. I have two main reasons for wanting to start a 4 week cycle soon (and not wait another week or so) One, feeling the gains ive made dropping off too much (in my lifts and size)....i know this shoudln be the determining factor. Also, im thinking the lack of a solid post cycle contributed to this too. Second, im hoping i can get most of the cycle through while in newyork cuz i have no time, better gym, and patience for transdermal usage. In 2.5 weeks, i will head to seattle and wont have the luxary of time, a great facility, etc.
    So basically what im detrimental is it to start my second cycle through, only after 2-2.5 weeks (again, having been on for 3 weeks prior)? Sage

  2. Bump. Wondered this myself. My cycle was 4 weeks though, and was considering getting back on after 2-3 weeks off. I used nolvadex post cycle and all other post cycle necessities. I want to be done my cycle by the time college starts again, so any advice would be appreciated for us.

    Thanks for starting the thread Sage.

  3. Sage, I would go ahead and run it bro. But I would not run a 4 week cycle. Just drop down to 2 on 2 off for another 2 run then take at least 8 off.

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