8.5 % body fat T-1 (final)cycle

  1. T-1 (final) cycle 2 weeks in

    I am pretty new to this board and I just want to say thanks to all those consistently post. You make it much easier to make an intelligent and informed decision about supplements.

    I just started my first cycle of T-1 final today. Just wanted to post some starting stats and training info for critique.

    21 yrs old
    135 lbs
    8.5% body fat

    Goal for 8 weeks: 145-150 lbs, maintain under 10% body fat

    1 squirt T-1 twice daily for four weeks
    200 mg clomid per day week 5, 100 mg week 6, 50 mg week 7
    5g Prolab glutamine
    5g Prolab creatine
    Prolab N-Large II pre-workout and as extra cals when needed
    Prolab Whey Isolate
    Apex Multivitamin

    cals: about 3000-3500 per day (only 2400 needed)
    protein: ~200-250g

    Training: Max-OT workout
    I was thinking of adding at least 1 set over what it recommends on each exercise.

    Any comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  2. Over 2 weeks into it, you feeling anything yet?

  3. well, after 2 weeks i have gained 5 pounds. I think a lot of it is still water weight however, because it came on within the first few days, and I haven't gained any more weight since the end of the 1st week.

    my strength has gone up steadily in just about every excercise. for example a few weeks ago i could only dumbbell press the 75s, now i am doing 85s comfortably. i am surprised at this, because the lethargy has been pretty bad. i feel kinda tired all day, and i have been just itching to skip workouts cuz i just dont feel 100%. but, I haven't skipped any yet.

    I have recieved a few comments from two different girls lately to the effect of "your huge!" and "oh my god, your shoulders have gotten way bigger!" They said that my traps, lats, and shoulders have gotten noticably bigger, so I guess if I have put on any weight, that is where it is.

  4. Sounds good bro, keep up the diet and the good work. Later J

  5. Why are you pissing money away on glutamine and Nlarge?

  6. well, trying to get up to 3000 calories is kinda tough (good ones that is), so I thought I would try NLarge. I was taking half the suggested size which came out to be 300 calories, 45g carbs, 25g protein as a pre-workout meal. Before I started taking it I had a very hard time getting through my workouts without feeling like **** afterwards. That is the main reason I tried it. It actually helped quite a bit with energy.

    It cost me like $25 for 20 servings, so I was recently looking into making a better and cheaper pre-workout/post-workout blend on my own. I keep hearing that everybody uses whey protein and oats or oatmeal. I would love to try that. Anybody have suggestions on that?

    As for glutamine, I've only bought it once and it cost a lot. I got 1000g from prolab and I still haven't gone through it, so I guess the price isn't that bad considering it should last 100 days if you take 10g a day. Honestly, I have never noticed anything from it, no shortened recovery time, no strength or mass gains, basically nothing that I can't get with a bottle of T-1. So I probably won't buy it again.

  7. glad to hear yer havin good results man. Haha, love the comments from the girls.

  8. How about side effects? has the lethargy increased at all during the cycle? Shrinkage, acne?
    I'm starting my T-1 Final cycle the 18th and though I know exactly what I'm getting into, Im just curious as to how you've been effected. Also, what are you doing for post cycle?

  9. Well, my cycle is pretty much over. I can still scoop some of the remaining stuff out, but no more squirts. It lasted a day longer than four weeks, pretty accurate.

    My weight gains have definitely tapered off now. However, my strength gains continue to go up, and fast. I add another ten pounds on my bench each week, and up to twenty on my squats. A little over a month ago I could only bench 185 six times, this week I put up 215 six times (hey, thats pretty good for only weighing 140 ) A thirty pound increase! My max used to be 225. I have no idea what it is now.

    That is just one example. Everything increased. Curls up 15 pounds, shoulder press 15 pounds, incline dumbells at least 20 pounds. You name it, it went up.

    Needless to say, I am very happy with these gains, although I didn't gain as much actual body weight. I can't complain too much though, because I didn't over do it on the food, and only put on minimal body fat.

    I have been taking clomid at 100mg a day for the last 4 days. Since the stuff is gone now, I am going to up it to 150 a day for a week, and then taper off.

    As far as side effects, the lethargy that I was describing passed after the middle of the second week. My boys definitely shrunk, but not enough that it is weird or anything. I also got a lot of acne on my shoulders. But I should clarify: I am VERY prone to acne breakouts. I have been on antibiotics and topicals for years now trying to control it. My face no longer breaks out at all, I think I kind of grew out of that phase, but my back, shoulders and chest have always had mild acne anyway. So I can't say that this will happen to anyone else. This week I am starting accutane anyway, hopefully it will clear it up for good!

    Overall I feel very proud of myself. I finally made it over the plateu that I was on for so long. I definitely wouldn't call it cheating (as some of my friends might), more like a treat after so many years of dedication.

    I am not one to get hooked on these supplements though. I do not recommend them for anyone who sees consistent gains with their diet and exercise program. But if you are looking for that boost to get you to the next level, this is it.

    Sorry for the long post, but if you read it all, you are probably thinking about buying it yourself, in which case I hope you found this helpful.


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