Anavar, Mass Tabs, Superpump 250 log

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  1. Anavar, Mass Tabs, Superpump 250 log

    I'm currently running a strenth/cutting stack. the main supps, var, mass tabs, superpump 250.

    I started the stack on 7/30.

    first week split var 40mgs, 2masstabs, 3scoops of superpump 250.

    3weeks leading up to starting the stack i was using liver pro milk thistle and pre loading up on protein.

    15% body fat
    Body type: Mesomorph at times ectomorph lol.
    Diet is as clean as I can tolerate.

    work out split/supp split
    Morning 20mgs var 1mass tab
    2hrs before work out 20mgs var 1mass tab
    1hr before work out 3scoops sp250( gets me juiced up)
    cardio 30mins max before work out
    Sat-Full body and 1hr cardio
    Sun Rest- or at least try too!!!

    Sorry for the late start but it will be updated daily going forward for the next 3weeks.

    will be hitting the gym about 8pm tonight!

  2. interesting.......

  3. Ok last night did all back.

    wide grip pullups 3 x 10

    Wide grip lat pull downs 4 x 12

    1 arm rows 6 x 12 started at 45lbs went up to 95lbs

    behind the neck pull downs 5 x 10

    to burn out at the end of the work V-bar pulldowns 2 sets 70% max weight 25 times.

    Its hard to gauge whats doing what but. I am pumped and can workout for hours. Libido is very high must be Mass tabs not sure. Today I will be doing full body except back and legs my back is a lil sore from yesterday.

    also I eat 5egg whites before I take the sp 250. that stuff is great but damn it give me the Sh%$ts.

  4. Just finished full body workout. All I can say is that it was nuts. Just Nuts!!!

    Started off with 20 mins cardio very intense.

    I always start my workouts w/pullups gets me pumped all around 3x10

    Then incline dumbells 5 x 10. 50, 60, 75, 80, 60
    Flat dumbells 5x10 70, 80, 95, 105, 60

    dumbell Shrugs burn outs 5 x13 50, 60, 75, 80, 100 10-20seconds rest per set. Sick pump!!

    Machine bicep curls 5 x 8. decent weights not to much going on w/that today
    dumbell curls very easy concentrated not heavy at all 45, 50 3 x8 for each weight.

    I know I said I wasn't going to do legs but I couldn't help my self. Just did some extensions for. 10 x 10 concentrated.

    jumped into tri', maching press downs 3 x 15 80lbs.
    V bar press downs 3 x 10 125lbs, 145lbs, 150lbs. Nice and easy.
    Dips 2 x 20. should have did it weighted but my arms were burning.

    very vascular prob from sp 250 but nice burn still have plenty of energy to spare.

  5. I am assuming that the PCT provided by Mass Tabs is insufficient.........

  6. You assume correct. PCT Anabolic Xtreme's "Mass Stack" as my post cycle therapy with Liquid Nolvadexn

  7. Ok i know sunday was so be my day off but I had to go in. My Calves suck and they suck real bad. I went in and maxed on calf raises.
    standing calf raises reps only 10x30
    Seated Calf raises 6x12 90lbs, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315

    finished off w/20mins cardio and 20mins on abs.

    Way to much love handle action. Will be doing abs and cardio every day 40mins combined for next 3weeks.

  8. Yeseterday no pumps but I was able to get a long work out in.

    started off 20mins cardio High Intensisty.

    Chest Flat Bench:
    1 quick warm up 20 reps 135.
    225 15x, 295 6x, 225 8x.

    Incline dumbells:
    warm up 50lbs 20 times.
    60 10x, 60 8x, 60 8, 45 20x, 45 16x,

    seated Cable flies 6 x 10. 40lbs - 50lbs.

    Nice endurance but strenth was completly gone by the end of this workout. Part from the cardio.

  9. Great workout tonight jumped into back early in the week. My diet has been very clean the only problem is I'm not eating as much as I should. I'm thinking about switching over to meal replacements along w/the regular protein.

    cardio 20mins high intensity!
    wide gripPull ups. 3 x 10
    Behind the neck wide grip lat pull downs 6 x 10 moderate weight lots of strain on neck and shoulders.

    Front lat pull downs 6 x 10, 100lbs, 110, 120, 130, 150, 160

    Reverse close grip pull downs 6 x 10 moderate weight again and concentrated due to the fact that i didn't want to use my bis that much.

    cable rows; 4 x 10 60, 60, 80, 80

    1 arm rows 3 x 10 50, 55, 60

    Made the most of this work out even though a lil beat.

    I will have to say the super pump 250 is def better when eating before taking it. I will have my 2week pics up on Sat.
  10. next time try decabolen and methyl efx

    Dont get me wrong, i love s250 and vapor, but methyl efx is by far the most insane pump that ive ever experienced. Stacked with CDT's decabolen..............did anyone say Strength?? For real!!!

  11. Yesterday all bi's. I watched Arnolds pumping iron when he was doing bic's. I also watched Ronnie coleman Lite weight babbyyy.

    Standing 1 arm dumbell preacher curls 10 x 10 35lbs
    seated barbell preacher curls 6 x 10 45lbs, 90, 90, 135, 90, 90
    Hamer curls 6x10 20, 20, 30, 30. 30, 25
    great pump wish i could have done more but i was getting tired and my arms were on fire!!!

  12. Hey buddy...

    Noticed you mentioned "MAss Tabs".....

    Just got done with a cycle a few weeks back. BE SURE you have a SERM, and start it immediately after your cycle!

    I didn't notice any Gyno or any typical shutdown symptom.. so i opted to not take the liquid Nolva i had... WEll..i happen to have a blood test done and my testosterone came back at 9 (when it should be over 160 for my age!!!!!)!!!!!!!

    So take my advice, LOL, don't do what i did! I loved the Mass Tabs... i put on over 7-8lbs of LEAN, SOLID mass using them and my diet was pretty darn good! But shutdown is FOR REAL with that stuff....

    Just tryin to help... and i'm sure you know what ur doin...

  13. Insidious thanks for the advice. I actually became interested in Mass tabs after reading ur log great job by the way.

    My post cycle therapy Anabolic Xtreme's "Mass Stack" as my post cycle therapy with Liquid Nolvadex. What do you think?

  14. Thanks....

    I',m actually surprised anyone followed my log... I assume you saw the before and after pics?

    Anyways.... Yes.. i used Anabolic Xtreme's Mass Stack.... BUT... take the liquid nolva right after your finished with the cycle.... I would go with tapering down the liquid Nolva...

    Go with 40mg/day for week 1..... 30mg/day week 2............. 20mg/day week 3........... 10mg/day week 4....

    I would also take the Retain2 with the SERM... as to keep your cortisol levels down....

    THEN (maybe week 4 of PCT) start taking MassFX and HyperdrolX2.... those will be the AI and the natural test booster. Its sorta a waste to run them all at the same time WITH the SERM....
    So taper the SERM down (as mentioned above) and THEN start/increase the MassFX and HyperdrolX2.

    Right now i am 2 weeks into PCT... I messed up and DIDN"t run the Nolva right after my cycle.... and i paid for it!!! My test levels dropped BIG BIG BIG BIG time!!!

    So take the NOLVA!!!!!!!! LOL (don't know if i made it clear! LOL) and then run the rest of the "Mass Stack".....

    Feel free to PM me.. i'm VERY happy to help... U don't want what i'm goin through right now! LOL ZERO ZERO ZERO libido and sex drive.. along with being tired all the time SUCKS!!!!

  15. Great thanks Insidious!!!

    Yesterday work out. I did Tris I wanted to focus on stressing the muscle but It just didn't happen. The sp250 works well against fatigue with that if I do a lot of sets I run the risk of over training.

    V-bar cable extensions 6x10 moderate weights
    Straight bar cable extensions 6 x 10
    Dips 5x10
    1arm kick backs 6x10 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60

    I'm feeling all pumped up. Its def not from the sp250. Its def from mass tabs. Its a superdrol type of pump. it just takes longer for it to kick in.

  16. Yesterday work out nice and simple just cardio. Did about 45mins in the gym. Then road on the street bike for about an 2hours or so.

  17. I'm not in my 3rd week of this stack and so far so good. I would still like to loose a lil more trunk fat. But other than that the gains have been real good. I'm going to use these last two weeks as the cutting stage of my stack here. The plan is to increase cardio and abs and work them in every day full strenth.

    I know i have been slacking with the pics but i promise soon real soon.

    I did work out yesterday just calves and abs. The ab lounge 2 is the real deal. Thats probably the best ab machine my gym has everything else is old and outdated. Well looking forward to my chest work out tonight!! Stay Tuned!!

  18. No need to hit up abs EVER day....

    When if your trying to slim down the midsection.... i'd cut the ab workouts to 3 days a week..... Do HIGH HIGH reps.... and on the last day of your weekly ab routine (i.e. 1 of the 3 ab workouts) workout with semi-heavy weight. That will build more mass under the fat u have on top of ur abs.... BUT the high reps prior in the week will help shed that excess fat on top...

    Also... diet diet diet.... be mindfull of the carbs and sugar... those will help in sculpting those abs...

    Good job so far... and GET THOSE PICS UP DANGIT!!! LOL

  19. dude how does the anavar make you feel? pumped? strength gains? vascularity? I am starting a anavar solo cycle at 60mg ed in about a week stacked with alot of creatine of course....

  20. The strengh and Vascularity are great from the var and I'm only at 40mgs. I do get a sick pump but that I believe is from the Mass tabs.

  21. Yea... the pump is from the Mass Tabs....

    After a workout.. i woul walk around all day feeling MASSIVE all day...

  22. I slacked on my posting the last two days. I did work out as usual. I will tell you the gym is def a drug that I love lol.

    Anyway i'm officially in my 3rd week. Insidious I took your advice.

    On Monday I started off w/ 20 mins of intense cardio and I did weighted abs. Started off very lite did about 4 sets of 10 25lbs.

    Monday was chest for me. I did 4 exercises for chest. I'm concentrating on each rep more as opposed to just throwing up heavy weight. The one thing that I did do dif for chest is supersets. Cable crossovers w/incline dumbells wut a F$c&i*g burn.

    tues again 20mins cardio and ab lounge 2 chair. I really have a problem with lower half of stomach. Fat will not budge and its annoying. I'm very good on my diet. I do cheat for sain purposes but this is stubborn fat that I've put their while I was in my 2yr lazy relationship lol.
    Anyway, Did back again got a sick pump can def tell that these mass tabs are sick.
    The hopes are that the combo of the var and mass tabs will make the gains stick. We shall see!!
    tonight calves cardio abs ONLY!!!

  23. I took my first day off yesterday in 2 1/2 weeks. It felt great now I wanna take off again!! Shoulders tonight can't wait.

  24. I'm back I have been too busy to maintain the log. I feel great. I'm actualy up 7lbs right now. I have not had my fat taken yet but i think its good. I'm going to prob have to start my pct asap. The tool is not working the way it should. I confident that I will keep bout 80-90% of my gains due to the var but the mass tabs def help me put on the size. Stay tuned for the infamous pics!!

  25. Ok after yet another logging layoff i'm back. its my last week of var and tabs. I stopped the sp on sunday. I'm currently up 7lbs. I think its from tabs. My plan is to keep all gains because var stops the dumping of muscle so I hope that the combo works in my favor we shall see. I will be doing full body high reps every day for the next 5days. i know its extreme but no pain no gain. Lets get it on an poppin.


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