First bad cycle day

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    First bad cycle day

    Ok guys well I am cycling with t-1 pro. I sprayed in the morning, ate a huge clean meal then went to the workout for my GVT. I was going the first 10 sets of chest and I was ok, finished on an average of 8 reps. It was tuff because I didn't train for a month due to an operation so I felt a little noobie. My stomach started to hurt bad, I know it was because I ate a lot. I have not eaten like that since I stopped trainig for a month. I guess it's a tuff day since I am coming back into it and being out of it for almost 4.5 weeks. I was wondering if it is ok to have a first bad day, I could finish my workout, I speeded home to the bathroom , I'm ok now but will do my legs tommorow. Anyone else have a first bomb cycle day??

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    Oh I wanted to add i know I can't expect to be like I have 4 weeks ago, but I'm sure I can catch up in a week can't I?

  3. Personally, I would have trained for another month to get back into it before I started the cycle.

    You will want to push yourself really hard during your cycle, and your body just might not be up to the task after taking a month off. I took a month off recently, and it took me over a month to get back to where I was....hopefully you'll have better luck.

  4. the anabolicity of the 1-test 4ad should accelerate the rebound but you already would have made really quick gains when you first came back so I to would have waited

  5. buut yes you should be back to were you were fairly quickly

  6. You shpould have waited until you got back to where you were prior to the break to start a cycle.


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