1. novladex

    Has anyone tried that liquid novla yet ,how do you handle the taste?Iwas just onderind if i could mix it in juice or something to make ti taste better?ANY SUGGETIONS WOULD BE HELPFULL!!!

  2. Actually, I just squirted it to the back of my tongue, just beyond the main taste bud area and didn't have any problems.. other suggestions have been to inject it into gel caps.. and using a chaser.. like grape juice, if I were to do that, get something with a strong taste!

  3. None of them are that bad. Just down it and if you have to chase it.

  4. i squirt mine into iced tea or orange juice.. It is totally easy to take then.. TTY

  5. i put mine in a shot glass full of water and take it like a man you really dont tase a shot right?

  6. I use a pin to draw it out and shoot it into a shot of grape juice. Works great and you can't even taste it.

  7. I just down it.........pussies!!

  8. heheheeh The stuff I got tastes horible. Its not the liquid solutions stuff so that may taste better.. TTY

  9. Thanks for the info bros.Ill try the grape juice.!!!!

  10. The Lr stuff tastes like really strong robitussin

  11. Yeah, it is not the greatest taste in the world. Actually, especially it being warm at room temp., plus my house is a little hotter during the summer, so that makes it even worse. But then again, it is only 2mls, so I just shoot it in the back of my throat and swallow. Then I just drink some water after it. It isn't unbearable.

  12. yea but doing it like a shot makes me feel like a badass..... something i dont get to feel; to often

  13. Originally posted by maggmaster
    yea but doing it like a shot makes me feel like a badass..... something i dont get to feel; to often
    LOL! Good one!!!


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