red meat...

  1. red meat...

    do you avoid or lower your intake while on cycle?

    i'm currently on a superdrol/epi pulse, and would love to continue eating red meat. i normally eat about 16-20 oz.s every other day. i'm down to 8-12 every third day now.

    i ate whatever i wanted last time i straight-cycled superdrol, and my hdl was a little low when i had bloodwork done. cholesterol and ldl were well below normal values. the bloodwork was done right after pct was finished though .

  2. What food you eat doesn't have that much to do with cholesterol levels in the short term. I wouldn't stop eating red meat during Superdrol because of cholesterol.

    Regular red meat is pretty high in saturated fats, though, which isn't great for either staying lean or long-term heart health. But lean red meat (<10% fat) is great, IMO.

  3. I thought there wasn't any evidence to support dietary cholestrol having an impact on lipid levels directly... ?

  4. cool. i just had a 12 oz. prime rib at outback :bb3: .

    yeah... i like red meat for bulking, and don't wanna give it up unnecessarily.

    reps to you both.

  5. Steak and swordfish Last night....MmmMmmm.....Good stuff..
    I would find life hard to live without steak....Tenderloin is actually pretty reasonable when you buy bulk and cook at the house...



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