Finished my 30 year cycle...Results are in!!30 yr cycle LOG!!

  1. Wink Finished my 30 year cycle...Results are in!!30 yr cycle LOG!!

    Well just finished up my 30yr cycle:
    Heres how it went:

    3g's Test a week-(Years 1-30)
    200mg tren ed (years 1-28)
    2g's EQ a week (Years 10-30)
    10,000 Drol50 tabs(Yrs 1-5)
    20,000 Dbol tabs (Yrs 3-5)

    I used the Drol @ 200mg ed for the first 5 yrs to jumpstart
    At year 2 I added 200mg Dbol on top of the Drol for the next 3 years.

    Frontloaded 10g test E the first day to get my test levels up.

    Heres my log:

    Day 1: Frontloaded 10g test E,ate 20 dbol's and 4 Drol tabs
    Day 2:test Flu was so bad doctors thoughts it was Bird Flu
    Day 3:released from hospital as fever had reduced
    Day 4:Ran out of injection sites..had to use juglar
    Day 5:Coughed something up,looked like a chunk of my liver.
    Day 197:Well I'm up 52 lbs,think some is water weight,not sure
    Day 356:Well its been 1 yr straight,I'm up 76 lbs and everything is going well....
    Day 712:Starting my 200mg Dbol ED w/ my Drol...
    Day 999bol working great,I'm up another 25lbs,I think the Dbol/Drol is giving a nice synergy effect
    Day 2,013:Well I have to say,I thought by now I might have ahd some health issues but my blood pressure is sky high,AWESOME!!
    Day 5,970octors say my yellow eyes and skin is jaundice from my Liver failing,**** Em',They're just saying that cause they work for "The Man"...I think its from the Tren personally,tren is yellow right?
    Day 6,405:Well I'm up 237 lbs from start,Feeling pretty good,Can't walk anymore,joints have begun to fail,but all is well,I still have my Ab Lounge Sport...
    Day 6,500:Adding in 2g's EQ a week now,HArd to find somewhere to pin with all this scar tissue,Might try a suppository app.
    Day 10,000:Well Today I'm nearing the end of my cycle,I'm up a total of 563 lbs,bringing me to roughly 793 lbs,I'm feeling pretty dry,but there might be some bloat in there somewhere,I think I'll keep most of my gains,not sure..I have to say Looking back I wish I had increased my dosages some,but I guess Hindsight is 20/20...

    I only got a few more days til' I'm coming off.Anybody have any suggestions for PCT...I might be shut down slightly,My Balls will grow back right?I mean its not permanent right?If I take some Proscar will my hair grow back?Well gotta run,Got a dialysis appointment at 8 o'clock,Gotta check the List to see when I'm gonna get that new Liver...Third times the charm

  2. damn you must be bored! funny as hell though!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sdmf45 View Post

    damn you must be bored! funny as hell though!
    Just trying to keep my mind off this "Off Cycle Crap",lol

  4. 200mg tren ED... Get any side effects from that?

    The funny part is that there are probably some pros out there who have run cycles pretty close to this.

  5. Haha, sounds like a blast.

  6. Alls thats needed now is 10g of tribulus ed & ur laughing ! The " boys " should be up & running in no time !

  7. This is great
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. With an extra 563 pounds of muscle do you even need joints? How much did all that cost you?

  9. Do u reckon with a cycle like this , he beats off with andro-gel to stay pumped ?

  10. I suggest you stack letro and exemestane as part of your pct protocol.

  11. Hahahaha

  12. I think DAA 3G a day would be more than enough for pct. might consider throwing in some fish oil, though.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  13. Isnt krill better ?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bigbadwolff View Post
    Isnt krill better ?
    Oh yeah, stacked with dear antler
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  15. Lovin it !

  16. Good joke!


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