My SuperOne, 4-cyp and 19Nor inj. cycle

  1. My SuperOne, 4-cyp and 19Nor inj. cycle

    I decided to post this here because everyone here seems to be open minded about different methods of administering PH's and pro-steroids. I also feel that I won't be getting the common "why not just take the real thing!" comments. I have my reasons...let's just keep it at that.

    I'm currently 1 week through a Super One+ and 4-cyp (vpx) cycle and just recently received my nor inj. from Dazed. I pinned myself for the first time tonight...was nervous as all hell but found out it was as easy as pie. I will be doing a 5 week cycle followed by nolva post cycle.
    wk 1-2: SO+ 8sq: twice daily, 1ml 4cyp. eod, Nor inj. 200mg Sun & Wed
    wk 3-5: SO+ 12sq: twice daily, 1ml 4cyp. eod, Nor inj. 200 mg Sun$Wed

    6-2, 190-197 (I fluctuate while on PH's) currently weighed in @ 195
    calories/day around 2000-2500 (college student's income)
    protein intake 250 gms/day.
    my goal: lean body mass
    not: I've mixed 2.5 grms. of formistat into my Super One+
    if you have any comments or concerns feel free to voice them.
    I guess that's all for know....keep you posted.

  2. Well, i will base my opinion/advice on this as if your were doing the real deal test cyp. Run both 4-ad cyp and 19-nor cyp for atleast 8 weeks.
    The nor won't even kick in till week 4 or so and the 4-ad you'll feel earlier as you are running more of it aswell as there is some in the SO+. Start clomid two weeks after last shot.

  3. Thanks for the advice K.C., I will run the Nor for 8-weeks (makes sense now). I was planning on running nolva because I get crazy mood swings on clomid. I'll post changes to the cycle a bit later on today.
  4. Startin my second week

    I've decided to take KC's advice and run everything for 8 weeks. As I said before, I'm going to run Nolva post cycle. I believe that using formastat with my SO+ will minimize the amount of bloat. Today I weighed in at 197. The past couple of days my weight has not been fluctuating like my previous cycles. I feel more focused at the gym, although this could be atributed to a placebo affect. In any case this is a positive.
    I've been keeping the calories up a bit past 2500 around 3000 or so. All my compound excercises have gone up..
    bench press;
    weighted dips;
    squats 300x6 (ass to the grass)
    I'm also doing cardio and abs.
    I'm feeling very lethargic, even with the 8 squirts, but this is expected.
    I feel that everything is in order (diet/training/sleep and dedication).
    again, if anyone has any comments or questions.....feel free to voice them.

  5. Are you bulking or cutting? If bulking......Eat more

  6. If I was pinning I would have went with fina. But anyway how is the vpx 4-cyp. Is it burn free?

  7. Originally posted by maggmaster
    Are you bulking or cutting? If bulking......Eat more
    I'm basically doing somewhat of a maintenance cycle. Lean body mass is what I'm shooting for. I will be bulking this upcomimg october. The 4-cyp is burn free, but I'm still somewhat hesitant when I shoot it; it looks like monkey jizz (not that I know what that looks like). I'm feeling very lethargic at this point...... to the point of having to struggle just to get to the gym. The funny thing is, that although I'm so lazy; it's becoming damn near impossible to get to sleep at night.
    I'm feeling the effects of the 1-test at the gym though, pumps are crazy and my agression and intensity are through the roof. I can't tell for sure if I'm feeling the 4-cyp yet. I've done a few previous SO+ cycles and should be able to differentiate between the effects of the different substances. My libido is suffering, but I just broke up with my who the hell realy cares. I'm attributing this more to the my experiences with SO+; I get the libido of a 15yr. old horn-toad. I've started to supplement with 2-3tbps. of flax oil a day. I'm up to an even 200 and I still have 6 weeks to go . I'll keep you posted in a couple days as to my work out..

  8. to let you all know,,,I haven't had a drink since I started the cycle. Just thought I'd pat myself on the back.
  9. A little bit of an upset..

    Last night I had a few drinks.....couldn't help it. Met a couple of girls and next thing you know we're drinking the night away. I decided to take a couple days rest and hydrate myself and give myself a bit of a rest period. I wont be able to get to the gym because I'm moving some couches and stuff into my appartment. I've bumped the calories up to around 4000.
    I'm eating 4-5 meals a day; I'm finding it hard to throw an extra meal in there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of cheap and easy food I can get to put a sixth meal in? this is my usual day's diet:

    meal 1: two slices of toast, cottage cheese, flax oil and 4 eggs
    meal 2: can of tuna and a bowl of oatmeal (2cups)
    meal 3: bowl of rice and a protein shake
    meal 4: steak/chicken, salad, rice/beans
    meal 5: bowl of oatmeal and a can of tuna, flax oil

    I'm looking for something with a good ratio of carbs/protein/calories before I go to bed. I don't have enough cash to supplement with protein shakes.... ahhh yeah, I'm also drinking 3-4 pints of 2%milk a day.

  10. Fat free cottage cheese/oatmeal make a good nighting snack. Peanut butter is also yummy

  11. hey bro, any updates yet?

    id like to hear more about ur progress w/ pinning the 19Nor. are u running all of ur PH's/PS's for 8 weeks, or just the cyp's?

    how many bottles will u use up of Dazed's 19Nor w/ 8 weeks?


  12. the injections have been going well. Yesterday was the first day that I realy felt a difference in terms of aggression and pumps. I will be upping the nor injections to 600mg a week. I've mixed another gram or so of formestane into my SuperOne+ along with 25ml of DMSO. I will update my stats when I get home from the gym today.


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