post cycle.... clomid. question

  1. Question post cycle.... clomid. question

    ok im starting my second week of liquid clomid at 100mg per day. im finding that my libido is just about non existent. has anyone else had this prob if so let me know what i can do the girlfriend isnt happy if you know what i mean..


  2. What was your cycle?

  3. i used 1ad with 1,4andro for 4 weeks.
    1ad 900mg per day
    1,4andro 600mg per day...
    hope this will help

  4. Give it till the end of week three and see where your at.

  5. im planning on running at 100mg per day for 2 weeks then go to 50mg per day for the last 2 weeks.... that should be good dont you think

    thanks wind

  6. That sounds good bro. Let us know how you fair.

  7. I am in the same boat. But its expected. I would say it takes 3 weeks at least after a 4 week cycle. Like WW7 said give it till end of week 3.. TTY
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  8. could the clomid be causing some of this? i have done other cycles that didnt bother me this much and i was using 6-oxo or zma.... i have used both. this is a trip i have been freaking out!!! NO DRIVE PERIOD......


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