UCP-1 Cycle

  1. UCP-1 Cycle

    Diet - SwoleGenix


    5g ALCAR Daily
    4-5g ADDITIONAL Pyruvate
    14g Citrimax
    1-2g R-ALA
    4 Thermorexin Dosings.

    Starting Weight: 172 pounds
    Bodyfat: 14.5
    Height: 5'9

    Day 1: Actually started cycle by "spiking" remaining SU I had from past orders which ended up being about a gram.

  2. Looks good, should be a great cutting cycle. Why so much pyruvate? I'm not sure if all of that will be utilized in uncoupling, but if you're willing to drop the cash, no loss.

  3. I'm placing my faith in Fonz (elite) that HCA actually does work in High Doses and I read some study that showed HCA+Pyruvate+ALCAR had uncoupling actions of its own but I guess we'll see.

    So far so good T-rex+UA is one HOT combo, lord.

  4. Water retention from UA is setting in which sucks due to the fact that I'm having the WORST time trying to stay hydrated while on Thermorexin as it is which leads to more bloating..argh.

    Diet has been spot on this weekend which is suprising in all honestly.

    An interesting idea I havent seen discussed here: What about the creation of a transdermal ALCAR+Yohimbe formula. I know animal among others belived sub-q ALCAR had promise for fat-loss.

  5. How's the ucp workin for you?



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