Add 4AD with my 1AD?

  1. Add 4AD with my 1AD?

    I think this is a toss up.  I have 2 bottles (minus a few pills) of 1AD here and will like to start a cycle mid month.  I will only go 300mg a day, which will last me a bit over 30 days.  I like to see how 1AD work by itself.  However, I also think 4AD would yield additional growth, and combat the negative effects of 1AD.  What do you recommend?  People had good success with both plans.  If I do go with some 4AD, what much should I be taking a day?  Probably 300mg of 4AD since the 1AD absorption won't be as high as 1T.

  2. If you can add in the 4AD then do it bro!

  3. I would def add the 4-ad. Itll improve your gains and keep your sex drive up. IMO you always want something boosting test in a cycle, eg. I wouldnt take fina without taking some test with it. Good luck.

  4. well there are pros and cons --
    lets start with the pros --
    increased water retention --- increases CSA of muscle ---> greater strength ---> greater overall gains
    increased protein synthesis
    counteract lethargy and low libido
    4ad is anabolic in itself, so again, better gains

    cons --
    feelings of bloatedness and being fat, holding water
    any sides that maybe associated with 4ad ... aromatization (?)
    extra cost ? -- although 4ad is pretty cheap, but still...

  5. If you're cutting, 300mg will be enough to keep libido up and to counteract lethargy, but to bulk, 600mg is more like it.

  6. Ok, thanks for the advice.  I might do a bulk this cycle, even though I do have fat on me already.  Later in April I will do a strict 1test to cut.

    BTW, do any of you look normal?   You are all huge?  I won't post pics until I see a 'normal' not so big guy :-)

  7. Originally posted by Sean
    If you're cutting, 300mg will be enough to keep libido up and to counteract lethargy, but to bulk, 600mg is more like it.
    i think a lot of it will depend on diet. if you are eating tons at 300, you will still notice a lot of water gains and bloatedness, but if you are in a caloric deficit, you can get decent results.

    Personally, i think 300 might be too high for cutting, i would actually not use 4 ad for cutting, there are better PH's out there, if one chooses to use them for a cutting cycle.
    Nor-diol and 5aa come to mind.

  8. 3Alpha is probably the best cutting option out there stacked with 1T.

  9. I think 300 mg of 4-ad is fine for a cutting cycle. Sure its going to put a little water weight on you but thats just it, water weight. Youll lose that right after you stop taking it whlie you continue to cut. I think that is a viable option for the amount of muscle that having some 4-ad in your system will save you. It might just take a little patience, but IMO will be less frustrating than the lethargy and poor libido of a 1-test only cuttin cycle. Youll prob also be taking an eca so that could combat lethargy too, but id still hit up a little 4-ad.


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