I'm starting a new cycle tommorow, and I'm wondering if anyone has done a similar cycle, and what were your results. My goal is to gain about 15 pounds of muscle, while shedding about ten pounds of fat. I'll be cycling for 7 weeks, doing 50mcgs of Igf-1lr3 ED, 20mgs of methyl vol, (Superdrol) 20mg of phera vol,(pheraplex) for the first 4 weeks, and 450mgs of 11 oxo, followed by 3 weeks of 50mcgs of igf-1lr3 ED, 6mgs of mega-trn, 300 mgs of mega zol,and 400mgs of 11 oxo dropping the [email protected] week six. I know that those dosages might seem a little high, but in the past, when I ran each compound solo, I didn't really start getting the type of results I was looking for until I started upping the dosage. Also I never experinced any of the typical sides either, other than a crushed libido, (save for the solo phera run!) but that's not really a problem for me since it's been so long since... well you get the idea! For support I'll be doing 2 grams of sesamin oil, 7 grams CLA, 1000mgs of NAC, 500mgs of Milk thistle, 1200mgs of NOW ECGC. My diet will consist of 250 grams of carbs, with 95% taking in pre/post work out, 500 grams of protein,( I've been reading that to get the most out of IGF-1, you have to go heavy on the protein)@5000 kcal where 3000 is maintainence and the +1500 will come from DAG oil and lecithin, and 500 to make my protein goal. My workout will consist of a 6 days per week protocol, working one muscle group per day, with no cardio. What do you guys think? Is a 15 pound muscle gain 10 pound fat loss goal realistic from the above mentioned cycle? What kinds of changes would you make? All input appreciated.