June 21 Day 3

    I’m currently on the 3rd day of a 3-4 week cycle of DNP. I will be taking 1 pill a day everyday at 11:00 AM. The duration will vary depending on how I feel at the 3 week mark. I will not however run it for over 4 weeks. The pills are caped at 250mg of crystal DNP and contain a slew of other goodies. More details on all of this later.

    Side supplements:

    *Contained in the DNP caps along with 250mg crystal DNP:
    quercetin, broccoli extract, ellagic acid, TMG, R-ALA, and NAC
    *Super Anti-O
    *Multi Vitamin
    *I am thinking of adding sodium and potassium to help with the electrolyte loss that I will be suffering.

    Side Effects:

    I have noticed no negative side effects yet and I dont really expect to notice any. I specifically got crystal DNP to avoid harsh side effects heat is one thing not being able to move is another. The only side i have noticed is a little more sweat. It was really interesting tonight when i went for my run. Each lap around my neighborhood is 1.2 miles. When i did my 2 walking laps i was actually cold because i was sweating just enough to evaporate but none was left over. I had this almost clamy feel to me but i felt great otherwise.


    I’m going to do a clean diet of about 2500 calories a day. My diet will have a lot of chicken and lettuce in it. Theoretically I will be following the same diet that I did to loose the initial 27lbs of fat.


    Monday-- OFF
    Tuesday— Back/Bis/Abs
    Wednesday— Chest/Tris
    Thursday— Off

    My movements will use a 1-2 count. This means that I will push for 1 second and down for 2.


    Chest: 45
    Shoulder Width: 50
    Neck: 16.25
    Right Bi: 16.125
    Left Bi: 16
    Right Forearm: 12.125
    Left Forearm: 12.125
    Waist: 43.75
    Right Quad: 28.25
    Left Quad: 28
    Right Calve: 17
    Left Calf: 17

    Weight: 245
    Height: 6’2
    Body Fat %: 21-25%

    All my measurements will be just after I wake up and weight will be naked.

    Feel free to suggest anything I may be missing or you feel I should change.

    This is my 3rd day taking it so I have noticed nothing which is normal.

  2. June 22 Day 4

    In my last post i forgot to mention i will be doing cardio 3 or 4 days a week. Depending on how i feel determines on how much running i will do. I will do 3-4 laps at 1.2 miles a lap around my neighborhood. Tonight is an off night because i did my leg workout today.

    Today my measurements were the same as yesterday.

    Weight: 243

  3. June 23 Day 5

    Weight: 241

    Added Supplements:

    *glucosamine chondroitin(bad right knee)

    Side Effects:

    If anything i am sleeping better and the sweating is very very minor. I have noticed that i am breathing harder and that i get winded much faster but all of these are normal. It doesn't bother me that i get winded faster because i don't plan on doing much running or sprinting while i am on this cycle just a TON of walking.

    Suggestions or Feedback:

    If anyone has any suggestions or feedback make sure to let me know! Thanks for tuning in so far guys hope this helps people better understand DNP. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

  4. your weight is decreasing fast.. you must be doing something right

  5. I was looking at that too. I think i may need to up my water but I'm taking in 1 gallon a day at minimum. I think that loosing 2lbs a day is a little much considering i am taking 250mg, but maybe this is normal for the first few days. If i can continue to loose that much GREAT, but i DO NOT expect this to happen on a regular basis and i figure i will level out around .5lb every day and sometimes EOD. I guess we will see. Thanks for the comments!

  6. Good results so far but ya gotta figure the first couple of pounds is most likely just water weight so it should level off after a week.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by rippedforce63 View Post
    Good results so far but ya gotta figure the first couple of pounds is most likely just water weight so it should level off after a week.

    Actually I believe DNP has a tendency to make you retain water. I still think that he has lost some water, but probably not as much as you think.

  8. Yeah at first with dnp you will lose some water weight, but eventually you will start to hold water.

  9. Yeah I wasn't even taking the DNP into consideration, all I know is that when I diet and reduce carbs( not sure if thats what he is doing) I generally lose between 5-8 lbs in the first week most of which is water.

  10. I am not really reducing carbs just staying with the normal diet. I might have lost some water weight but it was my understanding that DNP makes you hold water after abut 3 days and i am on day 5. I think i am going to up the water intake a little and see if things level out from there. Thanks for all the comments so far!

  11. June 24 Day 6

    Weight: 242.5 (-2.5)


    Chest: 44.75 (-.25)
    Neck: 16.25
    Right Bi: 16.125
    Left Bi: 16
    Right Forearm: 12.125
    Left Forearm: 12.125
    Waist: 43.25 (-.50)
    Right Quad: 28.25
    Left Quad: 28
    Right Calve: 17
    Left Calf: 17

    If you notice my weight went up. I think this is due to two things. I upped my water intake by a quart and we celebrated fathers day yesterday which entailed a lot of cornbread and other amazing foods! I guess that's what i get for having two chefs as parents LOL I did go for a 3.6 mile walk last night and i felt great! I may have a little bit of a problem coming in the near future with my job situation. I am currently looking for a job and the ones that are open for the rest of the summer are jobs that are hard labor outside jobs. This could throw a wrench into my plans because i feel this might be too much for my poor body to handle. I guess we will see! Let me know what you think.

  12. Interesting. I'm seeing this girl in about a week and I need to loose 5 lb's fast, lol.

    That's a horrible reason to do DNP... i know.

  13. LOL yeah that might not be the BEST reason but i have heard much worse. 5lbs in a week is doable not "healthy" but doable. Most of it will be water weight but hey you will be smaller LOL Thanks for tuning in!

  14. Yeah man, I love your journal. Rep points for you!

  15. Thanks Bro! I will definitely keep it going as long as i can! I am a little worried that getting this new job will make me have to cut it short but maybe not. I know it is only .5 inches but i can already tell a difference around my waist. I don't know if the Lipo-Y is helping my waist. I gain weight on my waist first so wouldn't it make sense that i would loose it from there first? Any thoughts?

  16. June 23 Day 7

    Weight: 241 (-4)
    Yesterday was another good day with no sides except a little sweating. I went for a walk/run last night. I walked a total of 3.1 miles with a finishing .5 mile "sprint" on the end. I am definitely feeling a difference in my midsection, and i have had a few comments from people and my family. So far my experience with DNP is very good!


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